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HostGator currently offers two different types of coupon codes. The best HostGator coupon for you depends on your order size.

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HostGator History


Hostgator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. The company originally began in Oxley’s Florida Atlantic University dorm room. The company now resides in Texas with offices in Houston and Austin. HostGator specializes in providing shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers. In the ten year life span of the company, HostGator has managed to grow to over five million domains, providing nearly 1% of the Internet’s traffic. Currently HostGator has clients in over 200 countries with a 90% satisfaction rate.

Companies know it is difficult to keep a business running with high overhead costs. It is just as difficult to find a web host that provides the user the ability to build their own website at a cost that is within the businesses budget. That is why HostGator coupon codes are being provided via the Internet to reduce the overall cost of web site hosting, and in some cases website design.

Site builder is the tool HostGator provides to companies to build their own website. The tool provides a multitude of features and is included with most of their web hosting options. Using this tool, the designer may chose from over 4500 website templates and customize the pages with content and their logo. There is also the option for the more daring to create your website from scratch. The ease of using these site building tools allow companies that need to change their website on a monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis an efficient method of “re-designing” their website in merely minutes rather than hours.

HostGator also provides free web hosting transferring for all of their hosting services. This means that all files, domains, e-mails, databases and scripts can be transferred at no additional cost to the customer. This takes the hassle out of trying a new web host.

One of the many reasons to choose HostGator for web hosting services includes its spectacular customer service. Customer support is available through live chat, phone, e-mail (or a ticket), fax and mail. Customer service is available 24/7/365 to answer questions and provide technical help.

HostGator offers web hosting as one of their four main services. Web hosting comes in three different levels of service. The plans are inexpensive and efficient. Each plan comes with unlimited disk space, sub-domains, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, and bandwidth. The site building tools and templates are provided at no additional cost. All users can use the cPanel control panel for developing their website.

The three levels of web hosting are hatchling, baby and business. Each plan offers SSL certification. The baby plan also includes unlimited domains. The business plan provides unlimited domains, a toll free number and private SSL certification and IP address.

Using the site builder you can create any type of website you desire. The site can be designed using one of the 4500 templates available or design one from scratch. The site builder provides many different designs and provides functional presets to easily “drag and drop” build a website. Some of the presets include pages, design templates, page sets, and functional modules. The blogs and image galleries are included in the functional modules.

The site builder tools uses BaseKit because it an easy to use tool that provides an easy way for their clients to build websites. BaseKit allows the user to use multiple languages. In addition BaseKit allows for adding and editing HTML and CSS coding. PSD designs are able to be imported into the program to allow for even more customization to a website. The easy to use styling tools allow even the most inexperienced person to move quickly through the required steps to build a constructive and interesting website that is an asset to their company.

All hosting plans include the addition of free shopping carts, portals, blogs, forums, password protected directories, custom error pages, blogs, hotlink protection, redirect URL, IP deny manager, and web based file managers. These additions provide additional options to add to your website and fulfill your website needs based on the type of business you are.

The three levels of web hosting are hatchling, baby and business. Each plan offers SSL certification. The baby plan also includes unlimited domains. The business plan provides unlimited domains, a toll free number and private SSL certification and IP address.

To help save money on the web hosting plans, HostGator coupon codes are available. The codes are available on many websites across the Internet. Some of the hosting coupon codes provide a discount at $9.95. For the hatchling or baby hosting plans, this means you could have the first month of web hosting service at these two levels for one penny. Other coupons provide up to 25% off. In some cases this could be up to a $599.70 savings depending on the plan and billing cycle.

There is other percentage off coupons available. The percentage off coupons means the number received when multiplying the package by the percentage discount is the discount on the package price. Dollar off coupons hold a monetary value and regardless of the price of the plan you receive that amount off the package price. For example, a $10 off coupon would result in a $24.95 plan to be reduced to $14.95.

Hostgator coupon codes are provided to every user and new client to help reduce the cost of running their website and hosting costs. HostGator makes having a website easier by providing services to clients at an inexpensive rate to begin with, but then add an additional coupon code discount to the packages. This helps the client keep their costs down and remain satisfied with the services and products of HostGator.

The coupon codes are provided as a retention strategy. By providing coupon codes to clients, HostGator knows they are more likely to retain current clients and attract new ones. With the economy today it is good to know that a company understands the tough times your small business is going through. For a web hosting company to remain competitive, the company needs to understand and know their customer’s needs. The coupon codes provide an additional reason for clients to continue using and coming back to HostGator for their entire web hosting needs. It is a known fact that not all companies that provide discounts and coupons can still be successful. Just providing the HostGator coupon does not guarantee HostGator will be a success.

Reseller hosting provides plans to a client to provide web hosting to other clients. This hosting plan issues free client management software. To ease the stress of billing, HostGator also provides billing software for resellers to use. Reseller coupons are also available. A current coupon for this plan includes the $24.95 off coupon reducing the price of any reseller package.

With a reseller hosting plan you can create an unlimited number of websites under your brand name. You can provide scaled pricing or specialized pricing for different companies based on wants and needs. You may provide a variety of services, features and packages.

Another type of hosting plan provided by HostGator is the VPS hosting plans. These plans give the dedicated server functionality but do not require the additional expense. CentOS Linux with full root access, optional cPanel or web hosting manager panels are all provided in the VPS hosting plans.

One of the benefits of having the VPS hosting plan is that it provides a direct connection between dedicated servers and shared servers. VPS hosting plans come in nine levels. Each level provides a different amount of CPU’s, disk space, and bandwidth provided with that package. Since these packages can be customized, the hosting needs of a client may be upgraded at any given time. This reduces the initial expenses for a company pursuing VPS hosting. This means you are only paying for services you need. There is no need to pay for extra download speeds or space that your company does not need. The nine plans include:

  • Level 1 – .56 GHZ CPU, 384 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space, and 250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 2 – .84 GHZ CPU, 573 MB RAM, 22 GB disk space, and 375 GB bandwidth
  • Level 3 – 1.13 GHZ CPU, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space, and 500 GB bandwidth
  • Level 4 – 1.98 GHZ CPU, 1344 MB RAM, 59 GB disk space, and 1050 GB bandwidth
  • Level 5 – 2.68 GHZ CPU, 1824 MB RAM, 80 GB disk space, and 1425 GB bandwidth
  • Level 6 – 3.39 GHZ CPU, 2304 MB RAM, 102 GB disk space, and 1800 GB bandwidth
  • Level 7 – 4.24 GHZ CPU, 3168 MB RAM, 165 GB disk space, and 2250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 8 – 5.09 GHZ CPU, 3801 MB RAM, 198 GB disk space, and 2700 GB bandwidth
  • Level 9 – 5.94 GHZ CPU, 4435 MB RAM, 231 GB disk space, and 3150 GB bandwidth

Another benefit to having a VPS hosting plan is you do not need to worry about running the server or maintaining the server. HostGator retains all responsibility of making sure your website and server is constantly up and running. HostGator provides weekly automated updates and backups off site to help provide extra security to clients. By having HostGator complete all the maintenance on the server the time and costs associated with running a server are reduced. HostGator also uses data centers that have backup power generators. These generators make it possible for HostGator to have less than 45 minutes of downtime in any given month. This extra measure of functionality will help your business remain running even when other areas of your business may not be running.

Another main service HostGator provides is issuing dedicated servers. The dedicated servers provide a high quality level of power and flexibility. The servers are managed with root access and complete control. There are no resource restrictions. The packages available for the dedicated servers include basic, standard, elite and pro. HostGator provides Linux based dedication servers. More recently HostGator decided to begin offering Windows based dedication servers. This opens HostGator up to another span of clients.

Dedication servers are provided with provisions, secured and delivered in less than 24 hours of buying the server. The dedicated servers from HostGator ensure a high level of security, uptime and speed compared to other hosting companies.

The billing system is a useful tool featured in dedication servers. There is autopilot billing and automatic billing to ease the stress of billing. Another feature of the dedicated server packages include free Enom domain name. This gives the functionality of having a large company website and having web hosting capabilities of your own at the same time.

Each of HostGator’s web hosting plans may have individualized coupons. There may be coupon codes available for just the VPS plans or just the reseller hosting. Currently every plan, no matter the hosting plan, is 20% off for the first month. This provides the opportunity to try HostGator out at a reduced cost. To help ensure your experience is a pleasurable one, there is also a 45 day money back guarantee.

Other available HostGator coupon codes include 25% off on any order. To receive these discounts simply place your order on the HostGator website. Find the coupon code from one of the many websites available issuing the codes. When you complete the checkout process a spot is available to insert the discount coupon code. Enter the code and the discount is automatically calculated at the bottom of the page. This discount is then used to determine the final price of your products and services at the completion of your checkout.

The 99.9% uptime rating of HostGator ensures that every user is efficiently accommodated. Every business, large or small, will be happy with how little time their hosting is down. Besides providing customer satisfaction from little down time, HostGator also recognizes the importance of providing services that are useful and possible for every budget. This is one reason why many of HostGator’s plans provide different billing cycle options. Some plans are available to be billed monthly, semi-monthly, yearly or bi-yearly. The longer the period of billing cycle the less the price of the package over the long term.

Everything You Need to Know About The HostGator Business Plan

Do you have dreams of starting a business? Do you already have a business but it’s either time for a website or simply time to move onto a better hosting plan? No matter what the scenario, when you need a hosting company, one of the most popular options is HostGator. Take a look at what their affordable Business Plan has to offer.


When you sign up for a website domain, you may only be thinking about the one you currently need. Whether you’re just starting a personal blog, an affiliate site or you need web space for your company, it makes sense to think about future domains you may want too. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to go back to the well when more domains become necessary.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll never need more, but considering HostGator’s Business Plan comes with unlimited domains, it should be an easy choice to make. Whether you just want parked domains or plan on aggressive expansion or simply want to be ready in case you need them, unlimited domains is a huge advantage.

The domains they allow come with a free dedicated IP too. The same goes for a private SSL as well. Plus, a truly unique feature is that the Business Plan from HostGator comes with its own toll-free number, again at no extra charge. If you’re running a company—any type of company—you can’t hope to simply take calls on your cell. That just isn’t professional for a number of reasons. With a 1-800 number though, you come across as a serious business.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Now, having as many domains as you want on the same account is a great benefit, as we covered. That being said, your accounts will be worth much if you don’t have enough resources working behind the scenes. To put it simply, this means you need disk space and bandwidth that can accommodate your greatest needs.

Here’s another place HostGator does right with their Business Plan. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth means that this account can easily sustain however many domains you decide to start. Grow as aggressively as you can without fear that you’ll end up lacking the disc space or bandwidth you need to continue supporting your online presence.

This also means that even if you just keep the one domain going, you’ll have no issues maintaining it at the quality your customers/visitors come to expect. With just one website, there’s no excuse for a hosting company not to be able to provide you with the resources you need to keep it running.

Customer Support

No matter how hard you try, something will go wrong at some point with your website. That’s just life on the web. Even the sites of Fortune 500 companies hit hiccups from time to time. It’s inescapable.

So the right thing to do is go with a hosting company that can provide you with the support you need during the worst case scenario. Otherwise, you’re going to be in for one terrible experience.

Say your site goes down for some reason, in the meantime, you’re missing out on potential visitors who may now go to competitor sites. A lot of times this means they give money to other companies too. If you run ads, you may find out you have to reimburse companies for time your site was down during.

Purchase Details

Despite all these benefits, the HostGator Business Plan starts at just $10.36 a month. That’s not the only nice part about purchasing from HostGator though. You’ll also receive a 45 money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work out for you, move on. There’s no contract whatsoever, even after the guarantee expires. So you’re free to quit and go elsewhere whenever you want. This is especially beneficial to people starting their own business. If it doesn’t work out, you don’t want to sit around having to pay expensive monthly premiums for a site you no longer want.

There are countless other benefits to consider when you go with HostGator’s Business Plan. For example, you’ll get $100 in Google AdWords to help your business website get off the ground early on. Many more advantages follow too. So if you want to get up and running with a business website, consider this Business Plan.

All About The HostGator Hatchling Plan

HostGator is one of the most popular options available for website hosting. So if you’re in need of a domain, it definitely makes sense to consider this company’s offerings. One option many customers begin with is the aptly named, “Hatchling Plan.” With this product, you get a number of features meant to help those who are either getting their feet wet in the world of websites or have a business with modest needs, as far as websites go. That being said, the Hatchling Plan still brings plenty to the table.

About HostGator

The company’s history goes all the way back to 2002 when it was founded by Brent Oxley. This public company’s specialty is web hosting, though it offers a number of auxiliary web services as separate products. Though the company was sold in 2012 to Endurance International Group, it’s fair to say that HostGator hasn’t lost a step. Plus, having the support of a billion dollar company probably helps a lot too.

So if you need hosting, it should go without saying that HostGator is a great option. Let’s now take a look at what their Hatching Plan has to offer people like you.


With the Hatchling Plan, you only get one domain from HostGator. However, this is fairly standard throughout the industry. Many hosting companies actually only provide a single domain, no matter what kind of plan you decide to buy. That being said, if you do need more domains and you have the money to spend, HostGator’s Baby and Business account types will be able to provide you with unlimited domains for your website.

In any case, even with just the one domain, you’ll have plenty of disk space to work with because HostGator gives you an unlimited cache to pull from. So no matter what you have in mind for that website of yours, there’s no way you’ll be able to tap your resources.


Plus, HostGator gives you unlimited bandwidth to play with too. This is all but essential these days. It doesn’t make a difference what kind of website you’re running, if you’re doing it without enough bandwidth, you’re just not going to see traffic—it’s really as simple as that.

No one wants to sit around and wait for your website to load. In fact, studies have even shown these days that if your site takes too long to load—we’re talking a matter of seconds—your audience won’t stick around. Do you really want to lose clientele and/or visitors simply because didn’t have the right amount of bandwidth?

The nice thing about an unlimited amount, too, is that you don’t have to worry about updating it as your site grows. Expand as you see fit and relax knowing you already have all the bandwidth you need to accommodate this expansion.


You’ve probably heard the saying about the best laid plans of mice and men. No matter how much time you take to make your site or how great HostGator’s Hatchling account is, something is going wrong at some point. It just will. There are too many variables at play and malicious parties out there for everything to go smoothly. Sometimes, the major issue will simply be that you’ve had so much success that your site became overcrowded and crashed (not a bad problem, so long as it gets addressed).

At that point, you’re going to need help. If you have to wait till morning or whenever it’s convenient for your hosting company to respond, you’ll be in trouble. Think about all the revenue you could be missing out on while you wait in the meantime. Fortunately, HostGator gives you 24/7 support for your Hatchling Account.

Furthermore, you get instant backups if anything goes wrong, ensuring nothing too bad ever happens. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you shouldn’t have too much to worry about anyway.

There are a number of other reasons to go with HostGator’s Hatchling Plan, but this cover the major ones. You also get the benefit of signing with no contract and with a 45 day money back guarantee. So you can sign up with this company confidently knowing that you don’t have a lot to lose, but plenty to gain by going with the Hatchling Plan.

The HostGator Baby Plan

If you need a hosting plan for your website, you won’t suffer from a lack of options. That being said, HostGator’s Baby Plan is a great option that will work for almost every company’s size and budget. Starting at just $6.36 a month, you’ll get all of the following.


With the Baby Plan, you get unlimited domains allowed. That’s pretty crazy considering how affordable this plan is. For most companies, you’ll spend a lot more money, but only be allowed a single domain. This is practically the standard actually. But with the Baby Plan, you’ll never run out of domains your plan can support.

At the moment, you may not need more than one domain (if you do, then this is an even easier choice). However, think what you may need a year from now or so. Is it fair to say that by then you’ll want at least one more domain? What if your company expands, for example? Let’s say you acquire other companies or start side-businesses, you’ll want domains for them too, right (in the case of an acquisition, you’ll at least want to bring all domains under one roof).

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Having unlimited domains is a huge advantage, but it would be a completely useless one without the right resources to back it. Fortunately, here too, HostGator delivers. When you sign up for the baby plan, the company will give you unlimited amounts of disk space and bandwidth. So you can really expand just about as fast as you feel like and rest assured that the company’s Baby Plan is set up to keep pace with you.

The last thing you want is to have your company’s popularity skyrocket so fast that you have a need for more domains, but then don’t have the bandwidth and disk space to use them. With other companies, you’d have to renegotiate your contract or otherwise pay more simply to benefit from all your hard work. With the Baby Plan, though, feel free to grow as much and as fast as possible without worry.

Customer Support

Another thing you can’t have enough of where hosting is concerned is customer support. HostGator’s Baby Plan has a lot going for it, but it’d be naïve to think that something won’t go wrong eventually. The Internet is too intricate a system for things not to eventually go a bit off course.

For some companies, things go wrong for a good reason: because they’re doing so well. Massive expansion or traffic can strain even the best of sites to their breaking point. But while this is essentially a good thing, you’re right to not be happy about the effects. So what are you supposed to do?

With other hosting companies, you may be out of luck. But with HostGator, you have 24/7 support waiting for you. So no matter what happens, your hosting company can get you back up and running. Again, with other hosting companies, there’s a good chance you’ll have to wait to morning or simply suffer through an email correspondence. These kinds of delays aren’t just frustrating. For companies, they can cost you a lot of revenue. The opportunity costs can be even greater.


HostGator also added a number of additional benefits to the Baby Plan. For example, they’ll give you $100 worth of Google AdWords just for signing up. That’s enough to get your marketing campaign up and running and bringing traffic into your website. If nothing else, it makes for a very affordable method of getting introduced to the website.

Although we mentioned how many things can go wrong with websites, HostGator gives you plenty of reasons to be confident. For one thing, they guarantee 99.9% uptime, meaning your website will easily stay active throughout the year no matter what happens (or you’ll be compensated). Plus, in the worst case scenario, your Baby Plan will provide you with an instant backup too.

Although the Baby Plan is plenty affordable, having no contract helps too. You get a 45 day money back guarantee just for signing up. After that, quit whenever you want without worrying about a contract holding you back.

So while you have plenty of options out there, the Baby Plan by HostGator definitely deserves consideration. For all of the above reasons and more, you’ll get plenty for your money.

How to Use a HostGator Coupon Code

When you register for any of HostGator’s plans or purchase one or several domains, you’ll be able to make use of HostGator Coupons that are offered for a restricted amount of time solely. Save cash on net hosting by making use of those coupons. The discounts are fabulous and you get what you would like while not having to pay an excessive amount. These savings are particularly handy for people who are beginning an E-commerce web site.

The cost of various services is incredibly cheap and they a fast a quick net hosting solutions that work. Additionally, HostGator conjointly backs up their services with wonderful client service.

The prices offered by the company are cheaper than their rivals and since you get HostGator coupons on their web site and on the web, you’ll be able to sign in while not having to pay lots. You get an excellent discount on future services and packages. Customers will create use of the coupons to get the most effective possible discounts offered.

Signing up for HostGator account is straightforward and fast. All you need may be a telephone for identification. The staff is pleasant and therefore the verification method is completed in a very few seconds. So, this can be an enormous boon for overseas customers.

As you would possibly expect, HostGator provides 3 styles of shared hosting packages – hatchling, Baby and Business plans. Whereas the primary plan hatchling plan is the basic one with restricted options, the second Baby plan stands as the optimum alternative of a blogger, because it supports multiple domain hosting, infinite bandwidth, storage capacity etc whereas the third one Business plan is created for professional net marketers, who need to who host lots of blogs or websites. Hence, instead of choosing the plan in a rush, you must analyze every hosting plan of HostGator and choose the foremost applicable one for you. Then, you are going to begin applying the most applicable HostGator coupon for the order.

Once you have got your domain registered, merely enter it into the sign-up page on their web site. You’ll be promoted to fill out your personal info, in conjunction with enter one of the discount codes listed on various sites. Depending on the promotion, your payment choices and amounts can vary.

If you’re longing for one thing distinctive or essential, then you’ll notice a similar things that are offered by different net hosts with a difference at HostGator. HostGator offers HostGator coupons to form your experience better. If one thing goes wrong, then make use of the excellent live client support for fast fixing your problem over the phone.

Due to HostGator’s rating, user-friendliness, flexibility, and concentrate on client service, it’s become a frontrunner within the net hosting business with exceptional loyalty among customers. This has fed the company’s growth, as happy customers are wanting to advocate its services to others. With the 45-day money-back guarantee, there’s little or nothing to lose and far too much achieve from using the services of this extremely touted and prestigious company.

How to Install WordPress on HostGator

Are you trying to figure out how to install WordPress on HostGator? Start by going to HostGator and click on read internet Hosting Plans in the middle of the screen. Next, choose your set up. The “Hatching Plan” at one year is the suggested alternative for beginners, but choosing three years can cut back your costs per month. The majority stick with HostGator in the long-run, therefore this is often a decent choice too. Let HostGator know if need help with anything.

Now, type in your choice of domain. If somebody has selected the name you chose, you will have to try another name. It’s fine, try another option.

Select your plan type and accounting cycle and produce your Username and Pin (these don’t need to be too crazy). After that, enter your billing info as you might for the other on-line purchase and submit your payment. The domain and host setup is completely done!

Congratulations, you are a step in front of most newbies. Next, we’ll install a new instance of WordPress – celebrated at the foremost straightforward to use and stylish package for blogging and easy websites. It’s time to examine your e-mail address for an email from HostGator. Your account information which contains 3 very important items of reference (so do not delete it and save it). This is be your new login info.

Once you’ve got it, scan this over shortly, simply click on the cPanel link right within the e-mail, and you will be redirected to HostGator cPanel, usually referred to as just cPanel. Leave that e-mail open, as you may currently need to enter your username and passcode that you see there.

Once within the cPanel, scroll right down to wherever you see Software or Services and click the button that says “QuickInstall”. QuickInstall is the easiest WordPress installer used by HostGator – it is the easiest and speedy installer, and offers you WP Super Cache for fast loading times already included, for free of charge in fact. Look at wherever the arrow points on the left side, click on WordPress then hit Continue. Simple as pie.

Next, enter your login information, which is the username and passcode you will have to input to login to WordPress after you need to once you. Certify that these are each unforgettable and laborious to hack. WordPress, like several other CMS, has it’s hackers and while it’s extremely unlikely they will visit your blog, you wish to be secure, simply just in case. Once your passcode and username are set, click Install WordPress. That’s it – QuickInstall will set up your install of WordPress and you are just about done.

If you wish to delete the WordPress installation, simply visit QuickInstall WordPress section. Delete the installation that you wish to delete. That’s it.

So you see that the installation is very simple and takes just a few seconds. You don’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge to get everything set up. You can start blogging quickly. Enjoy using WordPress!

HostGator Billing Provides Easy Options

Deciding that you want to start a website for your business or organization is an important first step in increasing growth, sales, or support. With the millions of people that log on each hour, having an internet presence provides an immediate boost in exposure and a widening of your audience. After you decide that a website is the way you want to go, you must decide on a web host. A web host acts as your liaison to the internet, the actual “home” that your website will reside in once you have created it. This decision could be based on many things but, like most decisions in life, the financial aspect will probably come in to play. You will need to decide how much you want to spend immediately and whether you are willing to pay upfront for long-term service or if you would rather have the option of paying for much shorter periods. This is totally based on your specific needs and want you want out of your website. These needs will be different if you are a non-profit organization wanting to spread the word about an upcoming event as opposed to a large business wanting to establish a strong ecommerce. With HostGator billing options you have the flexibility to choose the schedule that is exactly right for your situation.

Though it varies slightly depending on the type of hosting you select, the basic web hosting plans offer four scheduling options. The monthly plans give the greatest flexibility and customization. With this option, you are able to decide month-to-month whether having a website is meeting your needs. This is a great choice, also for event publicizing because after the event is over and you have provided any subsequent updates or thanks, you will be able to remove the site and not be obligated to any further payments. The monthly option offers the lowest start-up cost, with only a one-month payment obligation to start. The next three options come in terms of years. The yearly option is great for loner-term event advertising, groups that change depending on the year or small businesses. The two-year option gives a longer commitment with a lower initial investment than the final billing option, which is three years. The three-year plan is perfect for large businesses with more capital to invest immediately and confidence in the growth of customer base and sales a website will provide. In terms of total investment, the monthly plan works out to the most expensive, costing nearly twice as much per month as what a month of the three-year plan works out to cost. For those only wanting a small commitment to their site or a low investment, though, the monthly plan is convenient and cost-effective.

In either situation, there are also discounts available to make your start-up even easier. One coupon code offers a month of the mid-level hosting plan for only a penny. The other allows those wanting to use the largest plan, or more than a month, are given the option of a 20% discount of their entire initial order. These can equal impressive savings.

HostGator Promotions are an Added Bonus

Since its inception in 2002 HostGator has been a leader in the world of web hosting, offering a wide array of products, services and packages to meet the needs of anyone wanting a website. From the first customer, HostGator has added almost half a million customers with five million domains that range from the smallest family site to the largest Fortune 500 company. With the variety of services and option that HostGator offers, the pricing covers a wide range. Despite this, businesses and individuals alike will find that the invaluable services are amazingly affordable. To make their web hosting services even more attractive, the company offers promotions and coupon codes to allow new customers even easier access to high-quality web hosting. A website can be a powerful resource for anyone trying to expand the reach of their company or gain exposure for an upcoming event or fundraiser. With millions plugging in to the internet every day, a website gives unparalleled opportunity for growth and success.

HostGator promotions take the already competitively-priced customizable plans offered and make them even less expensive as an incentive for new users to try out HostGator services and see what huge benefits can come from having a well-designed, well-maintained website. While the company offers packages customized to various programs such as Linux and Windows, the basic services are divided into three core plans. These plans are separated by degree of features so that each user can be assured his plan is the perfect one for his needs and situation. The first plan is the Hatchling. This plan is intended for individuals or small organizations and businesses. It includes one domain along with the unlimited bandwidth and disk space available standard on all hosting plans. This plan can be purchased for less than $4 per month using the current promotion that offers 20% off the first invoice of new customers. The next plan is directed toward larger organizations. Called the Baby plan, it offers unlimited domains. The price ranges from slightly more than $6 to just under $8 per month using the promotional price. The Business plan, the most comprehensive of the plans, features a dedicated SSL and IP as well as a toll-free number along with the other unlimited resources. With a price tag as low as just over $10, this plan is an incredible value.

The 20% discount is only one of several promotions HostGator offers its new customers. Another popular money-saving move, especially if you are interested in trying out having a website before making a bigger commitment, is to take advantage of the one cent coupon code. This coupon allows you to try the Baby plan for a month for only a penny. These promotions are a great way to try out HostGator web hosting services at a dramatically reduced cost. Taking advantage of these promotions, and the special ones that are sometimes found through coupon affiliate programs, gives new users access to the full range of useful features offered by HostGator, including the web building software and templates that help you create a professional-looking site, at a price so low even the smallest organization can afford to utilize the exposure and opportunities of the internet.

HostGator WordPress Hosting has Good Guides for Beginners

HostGator WordPress Hosting will give the clients unlimited number of domains, blogs and one click WordPress installation. This website will also give a balanced WordPress web hosting environment. The different screening standards that are available on WordPress hosting are Linux and Apache.  In addition, there is a money-back guarantee, PHP support, unlimited disc space and bandwidth.

WordPress is a recommended platform for blogging by many web hosters. HostGator is a popular WordPress hosting site because of its provision of good uptime. It supports latest versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP. This is the most secure website for WordPress security because it runs PHP as suPHP which is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permission of their owners consisting of an Apache module.

The website also provides three WordPress web hosting plans. The first one is the Hatchling Plan. This provides a single domain with unlimited disc space and bandwidth. The second plan is the Baby Plan. This provides unlimited domain to its subscribers with a quality disc space and bandwidth along with a dedicated SSL. The third plan is the Business Plan. This also provides unlimited domain along with unlimited disc space and bandwidth along with a dedicated IP for free and a toll free number for any help.

Customers can create unlimited number of WordPress blog installations. All these plans require certain monthly charges but clients can get discounts by using coupons. You can find these coupon codes on the home page of HostGator.

Today, many people use blogs to share their views and some of them even earn from writing their blogs. HostGator thus provides blog writing as its main focus. Many people are busy learning how to write blogs to get good quality jobs.

For beginners to WordPress and web hosting, HostGator helps build a site from scratch. For beginners, they maintain well documented video tutorials and guides to manage a website from the domain registration level up to handling some advanced tasks in WordPress. The peer support forum is a good place to find support from other customers and share views on WordPress hosting

HostGator offers all types of hosting services ranging from shared hosting to dedicated servers. They have also started recently to provide VPS (Virtual Private Servers) for the high traffic website owners who can afford the dedicated servers, though all the services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers are priced economically and they come fully managed.

People who are just beginning and would like to host more than one website would prefer to select HostGator’s Baby Plan from its shared hosting plans. With this plan, they can host as many domains as they want. The monthly cost of this plan is $9.95.

Customers can now combine the best of both worlds from HostGator as well as WordPress with HostGator WordPress hosting. It is a great way to build a website by starting a blog to promote the website or by simply using the WordPress content management system for successful web hosting.

Hostgator vs. Hostmonster

HostGator has been doing web hosting service business for nine years now and in this time, it has become one of the leading web hosting companies in management of reseller accounts. HostMonster has been doing web hosting business for a decade now. The competition between Hostgator Vs Hostmonster has made both stay at the top for their good service, their work standards, and their pricing, so which is better?

Both companies offer an assurance of ninety nine percent of uptime. Both companies use same control panel applications. They use cPanel. Both the web hosting providers give support to their clients with help and customer care through the web and with live chat facilities or emails. Both the services provide shopping cart facilities, audio and video streaming options and spam filters. Both the companies use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to make sure that the information between your customers and you is going to be protected.

HostGator is giving many web hosting plans for Linux users. They are presently working on hosting plans for Windows users also. Their basic plan is available at $4.95/ month on a three year package. It features 350 GB disc space with 3000 GB bandwidth and allowance of one domain. Add on domains will not be available with this kind of package. Their two-year package is available for $8.95/month. It features 600 GB of disc space with 6000 GB of bandwidth. Here, you have an unlimited domains option and add on domains are also allowed.  Their Baby Plan is available for $9.95/moth on a single year pricing. These plans come with website building tools that are easy to use. They offer a forty-five days money-back guarantee on trial usage. They use a script writer called `Fantastico’.

HostMonster offers one uniform plan to its clients at a two-year package price of $6.95/month and at a higher price on a single year pricing. This allows the users unlimited disc space and broadband width. The package allows users unlimited domains and sub domains as well. Their money-back guarantee is only for thirty days after the initial signing up. They do offer their clients a partial refund after the deadline period is over. Their script writer is called `SimpleScripts’. This software allows the users to install on all directories. It is available on both cPanel and cPlesk controls. For customer support, HostMonster has given a toll free telephone call center number that is available round the clock for its users.

Specific Comparison Factors

  • As far as server platforms go, HostGator offers dedicated servers while HostMonster is working on a shared hosting basis. HostGator is offering unlimited MySQL databases while HostMonster has restricted the use to one hundred databases only.
  • In the area of domains and sub domains, HostMonster gives you the opportunity of hosting unlimited domains and sub domains without any additional charge.
  • HostGator offers free access to over four thousand five hundred website templates which is not possible with HostMonster.

Therefore, on paper, HostGator may look to have an edge. This will vary from customer to customer depending on what his or her website’s forte will be.