HostGator Windows Hosting

Even if you only have a passing acquaintance with the world of computers, you have probably heard of Windows. It is perhaps the most recognizable software name in the world of computer programs and internet applications. Windows is an extremely popular platform on which to build websites because it is so familiar and easily accessible for computer users. HostGator Windows hosting provides users hosting services for their website based in HostGator’s extensive Window’s server and with many attractive features to ensure you have the most professional, user-friendly and effective website possible. With HostGator, hosting your Window’s website is easy, with carefully designed program features that enable you to get your site up and running quickly, utilize if efficiently and choose the specifications you think are important for your individual needs. Making them a responsible choice as well, HostGator strives to make a difference for the environment and balance their carbon emissions with efforts including energy programs and investment plans.

HostGator’s web hosting features include an easy to use control panel, email options with unlimited accounts, unlimited sub-domains associated with your website, Safe Harbor certification to ensure that all transactions using your website are safe, and a guarantee for 99.9% uptime, a truly impressive statement in the world of web hosting. With each plan users also get free website design software and thousands of templates to create the exact website they envision and free transfers of your website, domain and other information to another hosting account within the first 30 days, among other things. Keeping up with the times, and in order to do their part to protect the environment and speak to the carbon footprint effects of their company, HostGator has invested in several “green” measures including purchasing certified Renewable Energy Credits and supporting the wind energy projects in order to offset the emissions caused by their servers.

Due to its popularity, the Windows server on HostGator offers two packages of web hosting based on the specific needs of the user. Both come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you won’t have restrictions as to what you can do with your site. The Personal Plan includes a single domain and a shared SSL certificate, making it perfect for individuals or very small businesses. This program starts at less than five dollars with the new discounted rates. For those needing more options, the Enterprise plan includes five domains and a private SSL certificate and IP. This allows improved functioning and accessibility to your website. This program begins at less than fifteen dollars. Both programs offer several billing options ranging from the flexible monthly option up to three full years. The prices of the programs increase accordingly as the length of time decreases, with the most expensive being the monthly option. These plans allow you to adjust HostGator’s offerings to fit your needs according to what you want from your website. HostGator makes it easy to host your own blog site or create profitable ecommerce all with the protection and support of their incomparable customer service network.