Customized HostGator Templates Come Free

Free website templates are available to all HostGator web hosting customers. They come in all sizes and are available in Enhanced Flash too. It is not an easy task to host sites, particularly when customers are planning to make them customized. They want to set up the site page the way they want their customers to view it. HostGator takes up the responsibility of hearing its customers and how they would like to customize their page. They not only take charge but also host and offer customized templates to help us select according to our company, products and services.

HostGator’s customers get a value added service by being offered the ability to choose a professional template so that it can be customized into their business. These templates have become a popular addition to the web hosting plan supplies mainly for their relevance, simplicity and being user-friendly.

HostGator has moved ahead of its hosting competitors by providing its customers with more than four thousand different website templates with one hundred and twenty different categories. We can be certain of a great range to opt from with such a huge variety of free HostGator templates. All categories that may range from pool maintenance to product pages are very clearly defined for the customers’ use. Once the customers select a template category, then they can decide next whether they want a website template or an enhanced flash template. It becomes easier for them to display their products or services in front of their consumer base. Selecting a template to attract the customer’s attention can be of great help while advertising their online business.

These free templates are listed under individual designers. This is of great help for the customers as they can decide easily which type of designer will be able to work best for their type of company. There is a possibility that there may be more than one designer whose work will suit the kind of company a customer owns. The website’s design has to match the products or services that the company is trying to sell. When a viewer looks at the website, he or she should be able to make out instantly what a company is all about. It is not a good idea to flood the template with different images, fonts or colors as the site will lose its appeal. Designers have to use a limited quantity of attention grabbing gimmicks and still make the template attractive and simple for the users.

When creating a website, the attraction and the features available are the main aspects that people look into. Templates come into the picture here. A proper template format helps a customer to get viewer attraction as well as good sales. HostGator has a team that is dedicated to design templates for its customers. They will provide the customers with a sample when they show them our products and their features. They can close the deal once a template suits their needs. Expert clip artists also come into the picture as art plays a major role in the website attraction. These expert clip artists can create exclusive pictures for HostGator’s customers.

HostGator Discounts Make it Easy to Start

If you are starting a small business, attempting to grow your established business, promoting an upcoming event or cause, or just looking for a platform on which to express yourself or a cause, starting a website is a fabulous way to gain instant and widespread exposure. In this day of technology and devices, everybody seems to spend a good portion of their daily lives plugged in to the internet. This means if you have a website you will be placed in front of people that can read your information, find out about your business, attend your event or invest in your cause. No other resource allows the extensive reach of a website with as little investment and effort.

With starting a website comes some important decisions such as which web host will act as your liaison with the internet. Web hosts provide your website with its “home” on the internet, and offer you features and resources to make the very most out of your site. HostGator is a great choice for web hosting services because it is personalized to the particular needs of each specific user and their website and offers a range of packages and billing options to make starting and maintaining your website smooth and simple. With the popular HostGator discounts offered through the company, starting is made that much easier.

With every hosting plan comes standard features to get you started. Free web building and design software ensures that your site will look professional and function to the highest level of performance. The thousands of templates available make it easy to create a site, even for the absolute beginner who has no idea what to do or how to go about designing a site. Also included in all plans is a $100 AdWords credit. AdWords is a Google program that allows you to advertise your site effectively to specified audiences. This will increase traffic to your site and make it even more successful. Pricing for these packages hits a variety of price points depending on the specific plan you choose and the billing option that would be most appropriate for your situation.

The basic web hosting services of HostGator are divided into three plans, Hatchling, Baby and Business. These plans range in price from less than $5 per month to just under $12 per month, depending on the plan and billing options. These prices reflect recent price cuts to make the services even more accessible. If you are just starting, though, you can receive an even more reduced price by utilizing the discounts HostGator offers. Offered as coupon codes that are used during the online checkout process, these discounts come in two forms: a discount on the first month of service or a one-time overall discount. With the first month option, new users can receive one month of the mid-level Baby plan for only a penny. The other discount offers 25% off of any plan. Either of these options is a great way to save money while starting a website.

HostGator Linux Hosting

The computer age has been greatly impacted by the existence of Linux. Named for the kernel written by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux is a prime example of the free and open software model, which is a project that releases its source code, thereby allowing others to freely modify it as they wish. This also allows the modified software to be redistributed, commercially or otherwise. Operating systems based on Linux are widespread from basic home usage to government-controlled supercomputers. This is all very technical and sounds good, but what exactly does it mean and why does it matter when choosing a web host?

Linux offers manipulatable software absolutely free. This is impressive because it allows ingenious people the opportunity to design and develop their own programs based on a solid, proven kernel and release it openly. For someone wanting to create a website, Linux is the most popular platform. This is not only because it is free to use but because its main purpose is to allow open and free alterations that are then released as updates. If you want to start a website, this matters because it gives you an extensive network of resources on which to base your work. It is likely that if you are trying to use the software and get stuck trying to find a specific feature or want to manipulate the program in a certain way, that someone else has already thought of it and has shared his modifications, making them easily accessible and free for you to take advantage of however you wish.

HostGator Linux hosting offers users of Linux convenient hosting for their Linux-based website. This service is offered in four packages divided by amount of space used. These packages are different from those not specifically devoted to Linux users because they are based on offering each user a dedicated server. These dedicated servers increase the professionalism and effectiveness of your website with improved speed, security and management features. As opposed to with a shared server, these programs give you exclusive use and access to your dedicated server which provides more flexibility and resource options. With these servers also comes features that will help you design and maintain the most effective website for your business’s needs including templates, client management software, billing software and a free reseller account.

Pricing on these packages is based on the amount of memory space needed for your website’s needs. The Basic package includes 2GB of DDR3 memory, with the packages increasing by a additional 2GB after until you reach the Pro Dedicated Server package with its 8GB of DDR3 memory. The two middle packages, Standard and Elite, both offer 4GB of DDR3 memory and are differentiated by the amount of memory available on the two hard drives included with each package. The Basic and Standard packages offer 250GB of memory on each of these hard drives, while the Elite and Pro packages offer 500. The first month of service ranges in price from $139 for the Basic program to $299 for the Pro package. Subsequent months incur higher charges, from $174 with Basic to $374 for Pro.

HostGator Issues Users Occasionally Face

HostGator problems can occur like they would in any other company. Anyone who expects a company to be perfect is not in tune with reality.

The major problems facing HostGator are the policy and decision making issues that a company encounters during the transition period from a medium sized unit to a large corporate entity. This leads to few hurdles in the daily operations.

With this company, there is a tendency to oversell their servers. They tend to put more clients on a server than it can handle realistically.

Some users have complained that they face problems using QuickInstall while installing C5 on a HostGator. When they navigate to the location where they want to install, the browser gives them an error and a message saying, “Server not found.”

Some people are having problems with WordPress automatic thumbnail generation. Often, the WordPress blogs are giving an error. The blog post and subpages have not been accessible. Only the homepage is sometimes accessible and can be viewed normally. It is diagnosed as a server side error.

Many people feel that their Baby package is actually available for $9.95 when it is advertised as $7.95. They did not advertise with clarity and should have mentioned about the package tenure for a minimum of so many months’ payment.

Though many people feel that their customer support is immaculate, there are some who have reported downtime during some months with HostGator. The site, according to some people, would be down for hours even after contacting the customer support cell.

Some people have reported that they had to wait almost for three days to get their refunds. Others have experienced shut down of their site for a script on heir index files draining the servers of HostGator.

HostGator affiliates have also gone on record saying that they would get payments after a considerable delay during some months. They also felt that the conversion rate for poor against the sales made.

Despite a series of several kinds of problems brought out to HostGator, it has been observed that whether it is an individual site or a forum, HostGator has been reasonably prompt in replying and trying to get the problems sorted out.

The most common problem some customers have when they are trying to switch their email host between Google Apps and HostGator is that they have to input the correct mail exchange (MX) records into the HostGator panel to effect the change. Google also has to then verify that the domain belongs to one whose email is being hosted through its servers. Google is doing this by using many verification methods. This requires the customers to make some changes to their HostGator panel like uploading an HTML file to their site through the host. Many times, this causes problems with the entire process and creates inconvenience to the customers. If the process is set up correctly, then all the problems are over. One thing to remember here is that Google has few resources through its support site but unless the customers are using a paid account, there is no call or support center for assistance.

Hostgator VPS Coupons

Using a Hostgator VPS coupon code is pretty simple even for those with little experience with using online promotions. These instructions can be used for any of Hostgator’s promotions, not just VPS services.

To begin with, there are two ways for consumers to find VPS coupon codes. The first way to find one of these coupon codes is on the Hostgator website. When selecting the plan of choice, any coupons that are available for that plan will automatically be listed on the page. Secondly, there is a section of the Hostgator website dedicated to ongoing promotions. From there, it is easy to follow the instructions to get instant savings.

The second way to find Hostgator VPS coupon codes is online at various websites. Simply type in VPS coupon codes in any search engine and an index of websites will be listed. Always check the date on the coupon code, or when it was listed to ensure that it is still valid.

Use the mouse to highlight the coupon code, then right click and select copy. Hit the coupon activation button and follow the instructions from there. When instructed to enter the coupon code, right click the mouse again and select paste.

If you’ve written down the coupon code or copied it, and you’re using the Hostgator website, search for the best web hosting solution first. Starting at the top of the website, it is easy to locate a lot of navigation buttons. The buttons are a direct link to Hostgator’s VPS, reseller, shared, and dedicated hosting services.

Click on the desirable web hosting solution to begin the order process. Make note that all Hostgator plans are feasible, meaning upgrading is hassle free and can be done without interruption. Hostgator provides several different levels of plans to meet the needs of individual clients no matter their needs.

Once the desired package has been selected, click the “Order Now” button. The next step requires entering a domain name for registration. This option box is located on the left side of the website. The domain name is the name of the website being registered.

This step can be skipped if the domain has already been registered. For those that already own a domain name, there is an option box to the right of the screen. Enter the current domain name in the box as instructed.

Now it’s time to enter the coupon code. All new clients at Hostgator get a 20 percent discount on their first month of service. This coupon code can be entered now. After pasting or typing in the coupon code, click “Continue to Step 2.” Before going to step 2, enter other coupon codes if necessary.

Step 2 will ask you to select the package type and length of the billing cycle. To save more money, opt for a longer cycle. This step shows how much money can be saved per cycle. Now it’s time to enter all client and billing information, including user name, password, and method of billing. Confirm the discount and agree to the terms and conditions.


HostGator Wiki Will Give Your Website A Lot of Power and Space

The internet was originally designed for scientists to transfer information about their experiments from one to another. Now, it is transferring information from anyone to everyone. The use of Wiki sites is one of the best ways to spread information to the masses as can be seen from a site like `Wikipedia.’

A Wiki is generally a special kind of content management system that is mainly run by user input. Users can register, subscribe and add their knowledge to the already existing information on the site. Wiki is a great way of gathering and sharing information whether it is music, recreation, sports or any subject.

Wiki sites tend to have a snowball effect in heavy traffic once lot of people start using it and therefore the hosting that is powering the Wiki site is very important to its success. Many users want fast loading of the pages and swift server speed round the clock so that they can add and edit their information whenever they like as per their convenience.

We need lots of CPU power and RAM, adequate space, bandwidth and good technical support to run a Wiki site. We also need certain file permissions for uploading files. HostGator web hosting has all that we need to get started whether we wish to start a Wiki or a blog. It will provide everything that is necessary to build a successful internet business with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It will also give site builder tools, a user friendly control panel to track the site traffic and one of the most competitive pricing that is available in the market.

If a Wiki is our website aim, then MediaWiki, WikkaWiki, PmWiki and TikiWiki are available to help us develop the best and most comprehensive and informative Wiki for whichever branch of knowledge we would like to index. Building our website is quick and easy with the templates offered by HostGator and we do not need an advanced degree in programming to use them. We have to simply select the type, category and template design that we would like to use, fill in the content and upload our website. We can then let HostGator maintain the site and run it with their unique uptime guarantee.

Whatever we may like to market, the internet is competitive, with many of alternatives available, regardless of what the purpose we may have in mind when we make a Wiki site. We must have be able to compete and stand out from the crowd in order to be successful with our Wiki site. HostGator Wiki may just be a good combination with some of the best pricing available in the web hosting business. Good technical support is mandatory for a Wiki. HostGator has that special expertise in hosting Wiki sites and is conversant with the common problems of such sites. We will get reliable hardware and round the clock customer service backed up by every kind of tool that we would need to build a good quality Wiki site.