Get Exactly What You Need with HostGator Hosting Plans

Your mother always used to say, “You can’t always get what you want.” Or maybe it was the Rolling Stones. Either way, when it comes to web hosting, that isn’t true. With HostGator, you can get the exact web hosting services you need to meet your exact website situation. This means that you will have the best service for you available and will be able to design, build and maintain a high-quality, professional website. This sort of Internet presence is invaluable to a business owner wanting to grow their customer base, increase sales and promote your services, or raise awareness about an upcoming event or fundraiser for your nonprofit organization. HostGator plans are divided into three basic web-hosting options. These options are divided by specifications, each being directed at a different type of user to ensure each will have what they need to succeed.

The first plan is directed mainly at small business, organizations looking to create a website for a specific subsection or event, or individuals wanting a website for personal use such as a family networking or wedding information site. The Hatchling plan provides users with one domain and unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This plan’s pricing starts at $3.96 per month and goes up to $7.16 per month depending on the length of commitment. The next plan is intended for moderate-sized businesses and larger organizations. The Baby plan offers unlimited domains certificate in addition to the unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This plan carries a price tag starting at $6.36 and goes up to $7.96 monthly. The biggest of HostGator’s hosting was created with large businesses and organizations in mind. The Business plan combines the unlimited resources of the other two plans with a private SSL and IP and a dedicated toll-free phone number. This plan’s pricing begins at $10.36 per month and increases to $11.96 monthly depending on your choices.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will have access to the high-quality, professional features HostGator provides all users. These features include design and web-building tools along with thousands of available templates for creating a professional-looking website. Also included are impressive email capabilities, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a complete and user-friendly cPanel control panel feature to make designing and maintaining your site easy, a $100 AdWords credit and much more. To back them up as the best choice for web-hosting, HostGator also offers a 45-day money back guarantee so if you aren’t completely satisfied by the services you receive, you can end your agreement and get your entire investment back.

When it comes to billing, the web hosting plans of HostGator offer you flexibility and options so you can have the greatest control. With all plans, users have the option of prepaying up to three years. This is the most cost-effective plan when you take into consideration that the per-month cost in considerably lower. If you know that you will be using your website far into the future, and have the capital to invest immediately, this is the best option. For those that want lower start-up costs or aren’t sure you want a website for the long-term also have 6-month, 1-year, 2-year and monthly options.

Getting to Know the People behind Hostgator

Hostgator is a web hosting company that was established in a dorm room in 2002. Since then, the company has really taken off and grown into a large private company now based in Texas. As a result of the company’s expansion and move from Florida to Texas in 2007, the company was able to hire 200 additional employees to keep their operations running at full steam. Who are these people?

Meet Brent Oxley, the founder and current chairman of Hostgator. Brent is the brains behind the operation and the one who established Hostgator while a student at Florida Atlantic University. When Brent started his company, it was a one-man show. Today, the company is a leader in its industry and provides employment for more than 350 people.

Brent has overseen the entire growth of the company and continues to play a vital role at Hostgator. He sits on the board of directors and influences the many critical decisions the company makes in order to maintain and improve its reputation of excellent service and customer support.

Brent has been an entrepreneur for many years and is an experienced web developer and designer. He knows first hand what developers and designers need and look for in a reputable web hosting company. In fact, Brent started Hostgator because he was frustrated by the lack of affordable and reliable web hosting services.

Lance Custan is now the CEO of Hostgator, and Brent’s longtime friend. The two met when they were both living in Florida. Lance himself is from the New York and Vermont area, and moved to south Florida later on. As the CEO of Hostgator, Lance is the primary leader of the company’s executive team.

Lance maintains a strong focus on product development, marketing, HR, and strategy. Lance worked his way up from Chief Operating Officer (COO) to his CEO position. During his time as COO, Lance was an integral contributor to the company’s customer service department and day-to-day operations.

Patrick Pelanne is the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Hostgator. He started his journey with the company in 2007 as a chat technician. It took him two short years to climb the company ladder and earn his current deputy CTO position.

Patrick has a long list of duties at Hostgator including handling server migrations and upgrades, as well as overseeing software development and other crucial day-to-day activities. He also currently assists with recruiting and hiring new members of Hostgator’s system administration team.

At Hostgator, Taylor Hawes holds the position of Chief Marketing Officer. His primary focus is to handle the company’s advertising campaigns and affiliate marketing program. Taylor has over seven years of experience in the hosting industry and has operated a marketing consulting firm.

Amy Alexander, M.A., LPC is the Director of Human Resources at Hostgator. Amy’s employment at the company began in 2010 and, since then, she has worked hard to take over the management of Hostgator’s Human Resources Department. Amy brings over ten years of human resources experience to the table.


HostGator VPS Coupon Code Will Save You Money!

Even the most pedestrian of technology-users is aware of the potential power of a website. Having a web presence can dramatically increase your customer base, public awareness of your organization, sales, or investments. With so many people utilizing the internet as its primary source for information and business dealings, having an active, professional website is a critical move in growing your business or helping your nonprofit organization. Starting a website, though, comes with many decisions. One such decision is whether to use shared hosting services or to invest in a dedicated server. If neither is exactly right for you, another option is VPS hosting. VPS hosting with HostGator uses Linux, free and open operating software that allows users to modify and redistribute it however, they wish. It behaves as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. As your website grows and your needs increase, you have the option of customizing your server and hosting services to meet all of your specific needs. This customization, available to this degree only through VPS hosting, is a terrific way to get started. If you want to start small but know that you will have the need to increase your capabilities quickly and easily, VPS hosting through HostGator is the best option. Offering many levels of service that include various options and specifications, it is easy to find services that will fit your exact needs and ensure your website will function professionally and effectively from the first day.

VPS hosting is offered in nine distinct levels. These levels are divided by the specifications of the accounts, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Levels 1 and 2 are semi-managed, meaning cPanel and Plesk, a server automation device. Level 1 offers 10GB of disk space, 250 GB of bandwidth, 384 MB of RAM and .56 GHZ of CPU. The price starts at $15.96 monthly. Level 2 increases all specifications and starts at $23.96 per month. Levels 3 through 9 are fully managed, meaning the owner can choose to utilize cPanel or Plesk with their site. Level 3 increases the specifications to 30GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, 768 MB of RAM and 1.13 GHZ of CPU. The price for this level of VPS hosting starts at $31.96. The levels increase to the most comprehensive and impressive Level 9 which boasts 231GB of disk space, 3150GB of bandwidth, 4435 MB of RAM and 5.94 GHZ of CPU. The prices of these levels of VPS hosting range from $55.96 to $167.96 per month. These prices reflect the current promotion HostGator has in place to reduce the first month of any new user’s services by 20%. These plans vary in price according to the exact options you choose.

To make VPS hosting even more accessible to new users, HostGator VPS coupon code discounts provide reduced pricing to the first invoice of a new account. These coupon codes allow you to save 25% on your new order. Depending on the level of service selected you can save up to $41.99 your first month. This can represent a valuable step in improving the visibility of your business.

HostGator Review

HostGator was established in 2002 and has been on the net for the past nine years. It is not a new company in the world of internet web hosting. It is a firm that offers 99% assurance of uptime. For this reason, there will be very little chance of its servers giving trouble or downtime. Its biggest strength is its provision of unlimited disc space and information transfer. It is one of the few companies that offer a forty-five days’ money-back guarantee. Most of the companies offer only thirty days of trial usage.

HostGator has got some positive reviews by many users of the internet on its customer support program. On account of competent staffing, it is able to solve most of the website issues faced by an average customer. Problems are mostly sorted out through telephone or emails.

It has a large range of web hosting plans such as the Hatchling Plan, the Baby Plan, Virtual; Private Server and Dedicated Servers. Inc Magazine has declared HostGator the 239th fastest growing private establishment in the United States of America.

Any HostGator review will endorse it as a premier web hosting company which offers a superb online site builder. It projects itself as a `green host’ for the simple reason that it maintains carbon emission reductions through its wind energy driven servers. It is a company that is offering its web hosting service with complete wind energy power. It wants to make sure that its servers have a green impact on the environment by investing in the certified credits of renewable energy in the State of Texas. Webhosting is one sector where customers can now start thinking in terms of helping out in reducing the carbon emissions.

With HostGator’s offer of free web templates, there is a good variety to select from with a facility to customize and make your web page unique and original. The designing process that is offered by them for templates through specified designers is novel. They are transparent enough for you to know that what you see with them is what you will get.

A customer is likely to get all the support available for building any kind of page. It could be a basic text page, a blog or even an image gallery. Some users can even opt for an animated flash application.

The QuickInstall feature will help in the installation of several blog programs, content management systems and shopping cart creations from a centralized interface through its own script manager which provides scripts that can match with `Fantastico’, available with several other web hosts.

HostGator charges a non refundable $15 domain registration fee. This domain nomenclature is mostly allowed free by other web hosts like HostMonster. But HostGator’s offer of the money-back guarantee is not matched by any web hosting service provider. Technical support is offered through live chat facility, email and over the telephones. HostGator has more than one million websites being the world’s largest provider of reseller accounts. It has over twenty thousand resellers who look up to it to get their support, network and servers required to run a hosting business.