HostGator Billing Provides Easy Options

Deciding that you want to start a website for your business or organization is an important first step in increasing growth, sales, or support. With the millions of people that log on each hour, having an internet presence provides an immediate boost in exposure and a widening of your audience. After you decide that a website is the way you want to go, you must decide on a web host. A web host acts as your liaison to the internet, the actual “home” that your website will reside in once you have created it. This decision could be based on many things but, like most decisions in life, the financial aspect will probably come in to play. You will need to decide how much you want to spend immediately and whether you are willing to pay upfront for long-term service or if you would rather have the option of paying for much shorter periods. This is totally based on your specific needs and want you want out of your website. These needs will be different if you are a non-profit organization wanting to spread the word about an upcoming event as opposed to a large business wanting to establish a strong ecommerce. With HostGator billing options you have the flexibility to choose the schedule that is exactly right for your situation.

Though it varies slightly depending on the type of hosting you select, the basic web hosting plans offer four scheduling options. The monthly plans give the greatest flexibility and customization. With this option, you are able to decide month-to-month whether having a website is meeting your needs. This is a great choice, also for event publicizing because after the event is over and you have provided any subsequent updates or thanks, you will be able to remove the site and not be obligated to any further payments. The monthly option offers the lowest start-up cost, with only a one-month payment obligation to start. The next three options come in terms of years. The yearly option is great for loner-term event advertising, groups that change depending on the year or small businesses. The two-year option gives a longer commitment with a lower initial investment than the final billing option, which is three years. The three-year plan is perfect for large businesses with more capital to invest immediately and confidence in the growth of customer base and sales a website will provide. In terms of total investment, the monthly plan works out to the most expensive, costing nearly twice as much per month as what a month of the three-year plan works out to cost. For those only wanting a small commitment to their site or a low investment, though, the monthly plan is convenient and cost-effective.

In either situation, there are also discounts available to make your start-up even easier. One coupon code offers a month of the mid-level hosting plan for only a penny. The other allows those wanting to use the largest plan, or more than a month, are given the option of a 20% discount of their entire initial order. These can equal impressive savings.