Everything You Need to Know About The HostGator Business Plan

Do you have dreams of starting a business? Do you already have a business but it’s either time for a website or simply time to move onto a better hosting plan? No matter what the scenario, when you need a hosting company, one of the most popular options is HostGator. Take a look at what their affordable Business Plan has to offer.


When you sign up for a website domain, you may only be thinking about the one you currently need. Whether you’re just starting a personal blog, an affiliate site or you need web space for your company, it makes sense to think about future domains you may want too. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to go back to the well when more domains become necessary.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll never need more, but considering HostGator’s Business Plan comes with unlimited domains, it should be an easy choice to make. Whether you just want parked domains or plan on aggressive expansion or simply want to be ready in case you need them, unlimited domains is a huge advantage.

The domains they allow come with a free dedicated IP too. The same goes for a private SSL as well. Plus, a truly unique feature is that the Business Plan from HostGator comes with its own toll-free number, again at no extra charge. If you’re running a company—any type of company—you can’t hope to simply take calls on your cell. That just isn’t professional for a number of reasons. With a 1-800 number though, you come across as a serious business.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Now, having as many domains as you want on the same account is a great benefit, as we covered. That being said, your accounts will be worth much if you don’t have enough resources working behind the scenes. To put it simply, this means you need disk space and bandwidth that can accommodate your greatest needs.

Here’s another place HostGator does right with their Business Plan. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth means that this account can easily sustain however many domains you decide to start. Grow as aggressively as you can without fear that you’ll end up lacking the disc space or bandwidth you need to continue supporting your online presence.

This also means that even if you just keep the one domain going, you’ll have no issues maintaining it at the quality your customers/visitors come to expect. With just one website, there’s no excuse for a hosting company not to be able to provide you with the resources you need to keep it running.

Customer Support

No matter how hard you try, something will go wrong at some point with your website. That’s just life on the web. Even the sites of Fortune 500 companies hit hiccups from time to time. It’s inescapable.

So the right thing to do is go with a hosting company that can provide you with the support you need during the worst case scenario. Otherwise, you’re going to be in for one terrible experience.

Say your site goes down for some reason, in the meantime, you’re missing out on potential visitors who may now go to competitor sites. A lot of times this means they give money to other companies too. If you run ads, you may find out you have to reimburse companies for time your site was down during.

Purchase Details

Despite all these benefits, the HostGator Business Plan starts at just $10.36 a month. That’s not the only nice part about purchasing from HostGator though. You’ll also receive a 45 money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t work out for you, move on. There’s no contract whatsoever, even after the guarantee expires. So you’re free to quit and go elsewhere whenever you want. This is especially beneficial to people starting their own business. If it doesn’t work out, you don’t want to sit around having to pay expensive monthly premiums for a site you no longer want.

There are countless other benefits to consider when you go with HostGator’s Business Plan. For example, you’ll get $100 in Google AdWords to help your business website get off the ground early on. Many more advantages follow too. So if you want to get up and running with a business website, consider this Business Plan.