Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupon Codes

Dedicated hosting services are some of the most expensive in the long line of hosting services available. Individuals pay a premium for this type of hosting service for many reasons, including the dedicated server’s ability to be modified, and its security, reliability, and speed.

Dedicated servers can be described as client specific, meaning one client is assigned to each server. Since clients are assigned to their own individual servers, they can modify the server at any time, typically without requesting permission from the host. Modifications are needed when new software or hardware must be added to the server.

Clients on a dedicated server are given full root access, allowing them to control the server through a control panel. Access to the control panel is password protected, ensuring no other client can go onto the server and manipulate or steal data. Dedicated servers have become highly sought after by those with sensitive and private information, such as businesses that deal with credit card numbers and other types of financial information.

Dedicated servers have also made a name for themselves when it comes to security. It is very hard for a dedicated server to be breached by an outsider. Firewalls and security scans are routinely updated and run on the servers. Clients are free to add additional layers of security to their servers if they wish. Due to the fact that dedicated servers are not shared, clients can feel secure.

Reliability is a main selling point for dedicated servers. Each dedicated server, depending on which plan is chosen, is allotted a specific amount of RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Clients do not share any space on their servers with anyone else. In fact, a dedicated server can be rebooted at anytime without affecting other clients or servers, making them even more reliable.

Dedicated servers run at high speeds as well, especially when compared to shared servers. Dedicated server clients only put the hardware and software that they need on the server. Not having to deal with other clients’ unnecessary programs significantly increases server speed. This type of server is capable of allocating more space in terms of RAM and bandwidth, making the rate at which data is transferred, sent, received, and stored much faster.

These characteristics are also what make dedicated servers some of the most expensive to use. However, Hostgator clients need not worry so much about the cost thanks to frequent promotions run by Hostgator. To save money instantly, clients can select a dedicated server coupon code and enter their savings when they sign up for a plan.

For anyone wondering if using one of these coupon codes is worth their time and effort, it is. First, the coupon codes are extremely easy to find and even easier to use. Codes can be found on the Hostgator website or on a number of its affiliates’ web pages. Also, there is no special order form required for using these codes and taking advantage of them does not slow down the ordering process.




Review on Hostgator Dedicated Server

Web hosting has become an integral part in business, as most businesses are setting up websites to promote their products and services. They also use websites to get customer feedback and channel traffic to other sites. Having a website requires that you know a few things about hosting, which can be very difficult for most people. The good thing is that there are companies out there that can help you avoid the difficult technical issues, and still get your website hosted. Hostgator Company helps with web hosting services.

A Hostgator dedicated server is among many different servers that hostgator offers, and it is considered one of the best. The good thing about having a dedicated server is that you have full access to your server and only you can administrate. In other words, the word “dedicated” comes from the fact that the server is only assigned to you as an individual and will work with no other on any other side project. The good thing is that you can also customize your server to your preferred specifications.

When it comes to affordability, hostgator provides dedicated servers which are price friendly. You can get a dedicated server from Hostgator for as less as $174 per month. Other than affordability, it comes with other added features which make the server a good pick. Some of the features that the dedicated server comes with include unlimited email, unlimited domain and sub-domain and 10 IP addresses among other features.

The dedicated server is appropriate for big businesses which have a lot to offer as having access to your own server will help the business to maximize on the efficiency of the server and make changes as you want. It will also allow you to expand your services as you want and thus growth of your business.

With the dedicated servers, you can also venture into hosting other websites as a form of generating income for your business. Hostgator allows you to host other websites on your dedicated server. To do this you can market your services through blogs, forums and even the social media to attract clients. People are known to have Hostgator servers which they use to generate income with.

If you are planning to run websites on social media or even video uploading, the best servers to use are the dedicated servers as they will give you access and also ensure increased speeds thus faster uptime results. Better speeds tend to increase the traffic to your sites as people appreciate faster loading speeds and Hostgator servers allows for good speed.

As a way to meet their clients’ needs, the hostgator offers dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux users. For these operating systems there are various packages that are offered such as the elite dedicated server, pro dedicated server, basic dedicated server and the standard dedicated server. All these are meant to meet the clients’ needs.

The dedicated server offered by Hostgator has an in-built billing system which makes the billing process easier and also a dedicated 24 hour technical support.