HostGator VPS Coupon Code Will Save You Money!

Even the most pedestrian of technology-users is aware of the potential power of a website. Having a web presence can dramatically increase your customer base, public awareness of your organization, sales, or investments. With so many people utilizing the internet as its primary source for information and business dealings, having an active, professional website is a critical move in growing your business or helping your nonprofit organization. Starting a website, though, comes with many decisions. One such decision is whether to use shared hosting services or to invest in a dedicated server. If neither is exactly right for you, another option is VPS hosting. VPS hosting with HostGator uses Linux, free and open operating software that allows users to modify and redistribute it however, they wish. It behaves as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. As your website grows and your needs increase, you have the option of customizing your server and hosting services to meet all of your specific needs. This customization, available to this degree only through VPS hosting, is a terrific way to get started. If you want to start small but know that you will have the need to increase your capabilities quickly and easily, VPS hosting through HostGator is the best option. Offering many levels of service that include various options and specifications, it is easy to find services that will fit your exact needs and ensure your website will function professionally and effectively from the first day.

VPS hosting is offered in nine distinct levels. These levels are divided by the specifications of the accounts, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Levels 1 and 2 are semi-managed, meaning cPanel and Plesk, a server automation device. Level 1 offers 10GB of disk space, 250 GB of bandwidth, 384 MB of RAM and .56 GHZ of CPU. The price starts at $15.96 monthly. Level 2 increases all specifications and starts at $23.96 per month. Levels 3 through 9 are fully managed, meaning the owner can choose to utilize cPanel or Plesk with their site. Level 3 increases the specifications to 30GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, 768 MB of RAM and 1.13 GHZ of CPU. The price for this level of VPS hosting starts at $31.96. The levels increase to the most comprehensive and impressive Level 9 which boasts 231GB of disk space, 3150GB of bandwidth, 4435 MB of RAM and 5.94 GHZ of CPU. The prices of these levels of VPS hosting range from $55.96 to $167.96 per month. These prices reflect the current promotion HostGator has in place to reduce the first month of any new user’s services by 20%. These plans vary in price according to the exact options you choose.

To make VPS hosting even more accessible to new users, HostGator VPS coupon code discounts provide reduced pricing to the first invoice of a new account. These coupon codes allow you to save 25% on your new order. Depending on the level of service selected you can save up to $41.99 your first month. This can represent a valuable step in improving the visibility of your business.

Hostgator VPS Coupons

Using a Hostgator VPS coupon code is pretty simple even for those with little experience with using online promotions. These instructions can be used for any of Hostgator’s promotions, not just VPS services.

To begin with, there are two ways for consumers to find VPS coupon codes. The first way to find one of these coupon codes is on the Hostgator website. When selecting the plan of choice, any coupons that are available for that plan will automatically be listed on the page. Secondly, there is a section of the Hostgator website dedicated to ongoing promotions. From there, it is easy to follow the instructions to get instant savings.

The second way to find Hostgator VPS coupon codes is online at various websites. Simply type in VPS coupon codes in any search engine and an index of websites will be listed. Always check the date on the coupon code, or when it was listed to ensure that it is still valid.

Use the mouse to highlight the coupon code, then right click and select copy. Hit the coupon activation button and follow the instructions from there. When instructed to enter the coupon code, right click the mouse again and select paste.

If you’ve written down the coupon code or copied it, and you’re using the Hostgator website, search for the best web hosting solution first. Starting at the top of the website, it is easy to locate a lot of navigation buttons. The buttons are a direct link to Hostgator’s VPS, reseller, shared, and dedicated hosting services.

Click on the desirable web hosting solution to begin the order process. Make note that all Hostgator plans are feasible, meaning upgrading is hassle free and can be done without interruption. Hostgator provides several different levels of plans to meet the needs of individual clients no matter their needs.

Once the desired package has been selected, click the “Order Now” button. The next step requires entering a domain name for registration. This option box is located on the left side of the website. The domain name is the name of the website being registered.

This step can be skipped if the domain has already been registered. For those that already own a domain name, there is an option box to the right of the screen. Enter the current domain name in the box as instructed.

Now it’s time to enter the coupon code. All new clients at Hostgator get a 20 percent discount on their first month of service. This coupon code can be entered now. After pasting or typing in the coupon code, click “Continue to Step 2.” Before going to step 2, enter other coupon codes if necessary.

Step 2 will ask you to select the package type and length of the billing cycle. To save more money, opt for a longer cycle. This step shows how much money can be saved per cycle. Now it’s time to enter all client and billing information, including user name, password, and method of billing. Confirm the discount and agree to the terms and conditions.


What HostGator VPS Hosting Offers

Businesses are growing and it means that there is need for these businesses to reach to its clients via the internet. Other than promoting their goods and services via the internet, most of these businesses have gone to the extent of offering to sell their products online, where online payment systems are used. By creating a website, the businesses are required to host the site. They can do this through VPS hosting.

HostGator VPS hosting is offered to clients and assists them in publishing and running their websites. VPS hosting, also known as the Virtual Private Server, is a type of hosting of websites where many people use one server to host their sites. The VPS server is partitioned into various sectors of various memory storages that are issued to a client who purchases the VPS. One can purchase more than one sector depending on their needs. Having the various sections helps to ensure that there is continuity of your website, even in the case where one section fails to function. That is why VPS hosting by HostGator, is recommended.

Web hosting using the VPS hosting services provides the client with a variety to choose from. Its VPS hosting services come with resources that make your hosting experience easy. There are resources offered in various levels from between level 1 and 9. Each level has its unique resources to offer and level 9 offers the most. VPS hosting with HostGator allows the administrator access to their accounts where they can make several changes to their services.

In web hosting, a matter that is of very important consideration is the speed. When you host a web site you want the loading time to be less as longer loading time may stop people from viewing your site. VPS hosting by HostGator offers better and faster speeds and therefore one needs not to worry about the loading time. Even though the VPS servers at times get overloaded with commands, the HostGator VPS servers are designed to maximize speeds and therefore you as a client should not be worried of speed. They offer speeds up to 20Mbps.

Cost is also important when choosing a hosting company. You should settle for a company that provides the services that you require at a cost that fits into your budget. HostGator is known to offer one of the most competitive prices in the market and its prices favor most people. Their VPS hosting packages range in prices from $19.95 to $39.95. Other than the affordable prices they offer VPS servers with efficient RAM space, bandwidth of up to 1000GB and disk space of up to 1000GB. Such ensures that as a client, you are assured of expansion in case your site grows.

Most web developers use different operating systems to develop their products. Some use the Windows operating system whereas others use the Linux operating system. This they do because each offers something unique. HostGator allows VPS hosting for both the Linux and Windows operating system meaning that if you are a Linux user, you can get hosting that favors Linux systems.