Customized HostGator Templates Come Free

Free website templates are available to all HostGator web hosting customers. They come in all sizes and are available in Enhanced Flash too. It is not an easy task to host sites, particularly when customers are planning to make them customized. They want to set up the site page the way they want their customers to view it. HostGator takes up the responsibility of hearing its customers and how they would like to customize their page. They not only take charge but also host and offer customized templates to help us select according to our company, products and services.

HostGator’s customers get a value added service by being offered the ability to choose a professional template so that it can be customized into their business. These templates have become a popular addition to the web hosting plan supplies mainly for their relevance, simplicity and being user-friendly.

HostGator has moved ahead of its hosting competitors by providing its customers with more than four thousand different website templates with one hundred and twenty different categories. We can be certain of a great range to opt from with such a huge variety of free HostGator templates. All categories that may range from pool maintenance to product pages are very clearly defined for the customers’ use. Once the customers select a template category, then they can decide next whether they want a website template or an enhanced flash template. It becomes easier for them to display their products or services in front of their consumer base. Selecting a template to attract the customer’s attention can be of great help while advertising their online business.

These free templates are listed under individual designers. This is of great help for the customers as they can decide easily which type of designer will be able to work best for their type of company. There is a possibility that there may be more than one designer whose work will suit the kind of company a customer owns. The website’s design has to match the products or services that the company is trying to sell. When a viewer looks at the website, he or she should be able to make out instantly what a company is all about. It is not a good idea to flood the template with different images, fonts or colors as the site will lose its appeal. Designers have to use a limited quantity of attention grabbing gimmicks and still make the template attractive and simple for the users.

When creating a website, the attraction and the features available are the main aspects that people look into. Templates come into the picture here. A proper template format helps a customer to get viewer attraction as well as good sales. HostGator has a team that is dedicated to design templates for its customers. They will provide the customers with a sample when they show them our products and their features. They can close the deal once a template suits their needs. Expert clip artists also come into the picture as art plays a major role in the website attraction. These expert clip artists can create exclusive pictures for HostGator’s customers.

HostGator Linux Hosting

The computer age has been greatly impacted by the existence of Linux. Named for the kernel written by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux is a prime example of the free and open software model, which is a project that releases its source code, thereby allowing others to freely modify it as they wish. This also allows the modified software to be redistributed, commercially or otherwise. Operating systems based on Linux are widespread from basic home usage to government-controlled supercomputers. This is all very technical and sounds good, but what exactly does it mean and why does it matter when choosing a web host?

Linux offers manipulatable software absolutely free. This is impressive because it allows ingenious people the opportunity to design and develop their own programs based on a solid, proven kernel and release it openly. For someone wanting to create a website, Linux is the most popular platform. This is not only because it is free to use but because its main purpose is to allow open and free alterations that are then released as updates. If you want to start a website, this matters because it gives you an extensive network of resources on which to base your work. It is likely that if you are trying to use the software and get stuck trying to find a specific feature or want to manipulate the program in a certain way, that someone else has already thought of it and has shared his modifications, making them easily accessible and free for you to take advantage of however you wish.

HostGator Linux hosting offers users of Linux convenient hosting for their Linux-based website. This service is offered in four packages divided by amount of space used. These packages are different from those not specifically devoted to Linux users because they are based on offering each user a dedicated server. These dedicated servers increase the professionalism and effectiveness of your website with improved speed, security and management features. As opposed to with a shared server, these programs give you exclusive use and access to your dedicated server which provides more flexibility and resource options. With these servers also comes features that will help you design and maintain the most effective website for your business’s needs including templates, client management software, billing software and a free reseller account.

Pricing on these packages is based on the amount of memory space needed for your website’s needs. The Basic package includes 2GB of DDR3 memory, with the packages increasing by a additional 2GB after until you reach the Pro Dedicated Server package with its 8GB of DDR3 memory. The two middle packages, Standard and Elite, both offer 4GB of DDR3 memory and are differentiated by the amount of memory available on the two hard drives included with each package. The Basic and Standard packages offer 250GB of memory on each of these hard drives, while the Elite and Pro packages offer 500. The first month of service ranges in price from $139 for the Basic program to $299 for the Pro package. Subsequent months incur higher charges, from $174 with Basic to $374 for Pro.

HostGator Issues Users Occasionally Face

HostGator problems can occur like they would in any other company. Anyone who expects a company to be perfect is not in tune with reality.

The major problems facing HostGator are the policy and decision making issues that a company encounters during the transition period from a medium sized unit to a large corporate entity. This leads to few hurdles in the daily operations.

With this company, there is a tendency to oversell their servers. They tend to put more clients on a server than it can handle realistically.

Some users have complained that they face problems using QuickInstall while installing C5 on a HostGator. When they navigate to the location where they want to install, the browser gives them an error and a message saying, “Server not found.”

Some people are having problems with WordPress automatic thumbnail generation. Often, the WordPress blogs are giving an error. The blog post and subpages have not been accessible. Only the homepage is sometimes accessible and can be viewed normally. It is diagnosed as a server side error.

Many people feel that their Baby package is actually available for $9.95 when it is advertised as $7.95. They did not advertise with clarity and should have mentioned about the package tenure for a minimum of so many months’ payment.

Though many people feel that their customer support is immaculate, there are some who have reported downtime during some months with HostGator. The site, according to some people, would be down for hours even after contacting the customer support cell.

Some people have reported that they had to wait almost for three days to get their refunds. Others have experienced shut down of their site for a script on heir index files draining the servers of HostGator.

HostGator affiliates have also gone on record saying that they would get payments after a considerable delay during some months. They also felt that the conversion rate for poor against the sales made.

Despite a series of several kinds of problems brought out to HostGator, it has been observed that whether it is an individual site or a forum, HostGator has been reasonably prompt in replying and trying to get the problems sorted out.

The most common problem some customers have when they are trying to switch their email host between Google Apps and HostGator is that they have to input the correct mail exchange (MX) records into the HostGator panel to effect the change. Google also has to then verify that the domain belongs to one whose email is being hosted through its servers. Google is doing this by using many verification methods. This requires the customers to make some changes to their HostGator panel like uploading an HTML file to their site through the host. Many times, this causes problems with the entire process and creates inconvenience to the customers. If the process is set up correctly, then all the problems are over. One thing to remember here is that Google has few resources through its support site but unless the customers are using a paid account, there is no call or support center for assistance.

HostGator Wiki Will Give Your Website A Lot of Power and Space

The internet was originally designed for scientists to transfer information about their experiments from one to another. Now, it is transferring information from anyone to everyone. The use of Wiki sites is one of the best ways to spread information to the masses as can be seen from a site like `Wikipedia.’

A Wiki is generally a special kind of content management system that is mainly run by user input. Users can register, subscribe and add their knowledge to the already existing information on the site. Wiki is a great way of gathering and sharing information whether it is music, recreation, sports or any subject.

Wiki sites tend to have a snowball effect in heavy traffic once lot of people start using it and therefore the hosting that is powering the Wiki site is very important to its success. Many users want fast loading of the pages and swift server speed round the clock so that they can add and edit their information whenever they like as per their convenience.

We need lots of CPU power and RAM, adequate space, bandwidth and good technical support to run a Wiki site. We also need certain file permissions for uploading files. HostGator web hosting has all that we need to get started whether we wish to start a Wiki or a blog. It will provide everything that is necessary to build a successful internet business with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It will also give site builder tools, a user friendly control panel to track the site traffic and one of the most competitive pricing that is available in the market.

If a Wiki is our website aim, then MediaWiki, WikkaWiki, PmWiki and TikiWiki are available to help us develop the best and most comprehensive and informative Wiki for whichever branch of knowledge we would like to index. Building our website is quick and easy with the templates offered by HostGator and we do not need an advanced degree in programming to use them. We have to simply select the type, category and template design that we would like to use, fill in the content and upload our website. We can then let HostGator maintain the site and run it with their unique uptime guarantee.

Whatever we may like to market, the internet is competitive, with many of alternatives available, regardless of what the purpose we may have in mind when we make a Wiki site. We must have be able to compete and stand out from the crowd in order to be successful with our Wiki site. HostGator Wiki may just be a good combination with some of the best pricing available in the web hosting business. Good technical support is mandatory for a Wiki. HostGator has that special expertise in hosting Wiki sites and is conversant with the common problems of such sites. We will get reliable hardware and round the clock customer service backed up by every kind of tool that we would need to build a good quality Wiki site.

What HostGator VPS Hosting Offers

Businesses are growing and it means that there is need for these businesses to reach to its clients via the internet. Other than promoting their goods and services via the internet, most of these businesses have gone to the extent of offering to sell their products online, where online payment systems are used. By creating a website, the businesses are required to host the site. They can do this through VPS hosting.

HostGator VPS hosting is offered to clients and assists them in publishing and running their websites. VPS hosting, also known as the Virtual Private Server, is a type of hosting of websites where many people use one server to host their sites. The VPS server is partitioned into various sectors of various memory storages that are issued to a client who purchases the VPS. One can purchase more than one sector depending on their needs. Having the various sections helps to ensure that there is continuity of your website, even in the case where one section fails to function. That is why VPS hosting by HostGator, is recommended.

Web hosting using the VPS hosting services provides the client with a variety to choose from. Its VPS hosting services come with resources that make your hosting experience easy. There are resources offered in various levels from between level 1 and 9. Each level has its unique resources to offer and level 9 offers the most. VPS hosting with HostGator allows the administrator access to their accounts where they can make several changes to their services.

In web hosting, a matter that is of very important consideration is the speed. When you host a web site you want the loading time to be less as longer loading time may stop people from viewing your site. VPS hosting by HostGator offers better and faster speeds and therefore one needs not to worry about the loading time. Even though the VPS servers at times get overloaded with commands, the HostGator VPS servers are designed to maximize speeds and therefore you as a client should not be worried of speed. They offer speeds up to 20Mbps.

Cost is also important when choosing a hosting company. You should settle for a company that provides the services that you require at a cost that fits into your budget. HostGator is known to offer one of the most competitive prices in the market and its prices favor most people. Their VPS hosting packages range in prices from $19.95 to $39.95. Other than the affordable prices they offer VPS servers with efficient RAM space, bandwidth of up to 1000GB and disk space of up to 1000GB. Such ensures that as a client, you are assured of expansion in case your site grows.

Most web developers use different operating systems to develop their products. Some use the Windows operating system whereas others use the Linux operating system. This they do because each offers something unique. HostGator allows VPS hosting for both the Linux and Windows operating system meaning that if you are a Linux user, you can get hosting that favors Linux systems.

Review on Hostgator Dedicated Server

Web hosting has become an integral part in business, as most businesses are setting up websites to promote their products and services. They also use websites to get customer feedback and channel traffic to other sites. Having a website requires that you know a few things about hosting, which can be very difficult for most people. The good thing is that there are companies out there that can help you avoid the difficult technical issues, and still get your website hosted. Hostgator Company helps with web hosting services.

A Hostgator dedicated server is among many different servers that hostgator offers, and it is considered one of the best. The good thing about having a dedicated server is that you have full access to your server and only you can administrate. In other words, the word “dedicated” comes from the fact that the server is only assigned to you as an individual and will work with no other on any other side project. The good thing is that you can also customize your server to your preferred specifications.

When it comes to affordability, hostgator provides dedicated servers which are price friendly. You can get a dedicated server from Hostgator for as less as $174 per month. Other than affordability, it comes with other added features which make the server a good pick. Some of the features that the dedicated server comes with include unlimited email, unlimited domain and sub-domain and 10 IP addresses among other features.

The dedicated server is appropriate for big businesses which have a lot to offer as having access to your own server will help the business to maximize on the efficiency of the server and make changes as you want. It will also allow you to expand your services as you want and thus growth of your business.

With the dedicated servers, you can also venture into hosting other websites as a form of generating income for your business. Hostgator allows you to host other websites on your dedicated server. To do this you can market your services through blogs, forums and even the social media to attract clients. People are known to have Hostgator servers which they use to generate income with.

If you are planning to run websites on social media or even video uploading, the best servers to use are the dedicated servers as they will give you access and also ensure increased speeds thus faster uptime results. Better speeds tend to increase the traffic to your sites as people appreciate faster loading speeds and Hostgator servers allows for good speed.

As a way to meet their clients’ needs, the hostgator offers dedicated servers for both Windows and Linux users. For these operating systems there are various packages that are offered such as the elite dedicated server, pro dedicated server, basic dedicated server and the standard dedicated server. All these are meant to meet the clients’ needs.

The dedicated server offered by Hostgator has an in-built billing system which makes the billing process easier and also a dedicated 24 hour technical support.

HostGator Joomla Hosting

Though it may sound like a formidable creature from the depths of the minds of those who created Star Wars, Joomla is actually a free and open software application similar to Linux. The content management system allows anyone access to the program’s source code, meaning that it can be modified and redistributed freely by anyone who wishes. This program allows you to create websites and other applications even if you have little to no technical knowledge or experience. Small businesses, medium-to-large businesses, organization websites, school websites, e-commerce, e-magazines, government applications and many other entities are created using Joomla. It is important to choose a web host that is experienced with hosting websites built on Joomla if you want the best service and support. HostGator Joomla hosting enables you to create and maintain successful Joomla-based websites quickly and easily.

On HostGator Joomla is available with just a click as an automatic install. Even if you already have a Joomla based website somewhere else, HostGator enables you to transfer this site and all of its applications to HostGator. Web hosting with HostGator for your Joomla site means unlimited bandwidth and disk space availability and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. For those who are just starting, or unsure about anything regarding using Joomla with HostGator web hosting services, the extensive and attentive tech support network is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year so no matter when you have a question, they will have the answer. HostGator offers three web hosting plans to fit the particular specifications of your situation or website needs. Whether you are just a person who wants to maintain a family website so members all over can stay in touch, a non-profit organization that wants to spread the word about an upcoming event or fundraiser, or a multi-level business that needs advertisement, information and ecommerce assistance, or anybody anywhere in between, there is a hosting solution for your Joomla website with HostGator.

The Hatchling plan, directed mainly at individuals or businesses with only one or two employees, is the smallest of the plan options. It offers a single domain along with the standard unlimited bandwidth and disk space and a shared SSL certificate. Depending on the billing option that you choose, which includes monthly, or 1, 2 or 3-year options, the price ranges from less than $4 per month to just over $7 per month. The next plan, the Baby plan, is a good option for larger businesses, organizations and networks. It offers unlimited domains along with the shared SSL certificate and unlimited resources. Pricing for this plan range from slightly more than $6 per month to just under $8 per month, with the same billing options. The largest plan, which works for large companies, organizations and networks, offers the same unlimited features as the Baby plan with the added features of a dedicated SSL certificate and IP, and a free toll-free number. This plan carries a price tag, with the same billing options of the other plans, of between slightly more than $10 and just under $12 per month. These prices reflect recent price breaks that make hosting your Joomla site on HostGator even more accessible.

Feel Secure with HostGator Support

The best-designed website in the world isn’t worth very much if you don’t know how to use it or come upon a technical issue that harms its effectiveness. This can make having your site a frustrating and expensive failure. Part of selecting a web host, the company that provides the internet “home” for your website, is ensuring that you have chosen one that will stand by you and not just leave you completely on your own. Making the right decision in this regard can make the difference between the success and mediocrity of your website’s advertisements or ecommerce.

Fortunately, this decision is the one of the easiest you will make when starting a website. With HostGator, you will not only have the best design software and templates, a 99.9% uptime guarantee and several plan options to meet your exact needs, but you will also be backed up an extensive and attentive technical network. HostGator support offers answers to questions, assistance, and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Depending on the nature of your issue, you can take advantage of the varied and carefully designed formats the support network offers. These levels of support are put in place to make sure your concern is directed at the right people so it can be dealt with in the shortest time possible by the most knowledgeable people. The “Contact Support” system is comprised of phone, email, fax, and online chat options. Phone support and online chat are general options available at all times for any basic questions and issues. HostGator has also designated different email addresses for each of the major issues customers encounter to streamline the system, ensuring that each email is read and answered by a person knowledgeable and skilled in the area that specific email concerns. Two fax numbers have been assigned to deal with issues of billing and abuse. This also allows specific concerns to be directed at the correct department so the issues can be resolved quickly, efficiently and to your utmost satisfaction. The company also lists its mailing address so that any customers wanting to deal with actual paper mail have the option.

Another level of support that is offered is referred to as Knowledge Base. This extensive informational resource allows customers to search for their exact question and provides videos and tutorials with information related to your account. If these tutorials don’t answer your questions, you can utilize the Ticket System. This system allows a user to submit a ticket and then review ticket history. Customers can also take advantage of the Online Hosting Community that is made up of other customers interacting and helping each other. This provides a very honest, unbiased view of the good and bad points of HostGator so users can work out their problems and get advice from those in the know… other users. A HostGator company blog gives customers insight into the business of web hosting as well as a calendar of upcoming events.

HostGator History


Hostgator was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley. The company originally began in Oxley’s Florida Atlantic University dorm room. The company now resides in Texas with offices in Houston and Austin. HostGator specializes in providing shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated servers. In the ten year life span of the company, HostGator has managed to grow to over five million domains, providing nearly 1% of the Internet’s traffic. Currently HostGator has clients in over 200 countries with a 90% satisfaction rate.

Companies know it is difficult to keep a business running with high overhead costs. It is just as difficult to find a web host that provides the user the ability to build their own website at a cost that is within the businesses budget. That is why HostGator coupon codes are being provided via the Internet to reduce the overall cost of web site hosting, and in some cases website design.

Site builder is the tool HostGator provides to companies to build their own website. The tool provides a multitude of features and is included with most of their web hosting options. Using this tool, the designer may chose from over 4500 website templates and customize the pages with content and their logo. There is also the option for the more daring to create your website from scratch. The ease of using these site building tools allow companies that need to change their website on a monthly, quarterly or seasonal basis an efficient method of “re-designing” their website in merely minutes rather than hours.

HostGator also provides free web hosting transferring for all of their hosting services. This means that all files, domains, e-mails, databases and scripts can be transferred at no additional cost to the customer. This takes the hassle out of trying a new web host.

One of the many reasons to choose HostGator for web hosting services includes its spectacular customer service. Customer support is available through live chat, phone, e-mail (or a ticket), fax and mail. Customer service is available 24/7/365 to answer questions and provide technical help.

HostGator offers web hosting as one of their four main services. Web hosting comes in three different levels of service. The plans are inexpensive and efficient. Each plan comes with unlimited disk space, sub-domains, FTP accounts, e-mail accounts, and bandwidth. The site building tools and templates are provided at no additional cost. All users can use the cPanel control panel for developing their website.

The three levels of web hosting are hatchling, baby and business. Each plan offers SSL certification. The baby plan also includes unlimited domains. The business plan provides unlimited domains, a toll free number and private SSL certification and IP address.

Using the site builder you can create any type of website you desire. The site can be designed using one of the 4500 templates available or design one from scratch. The site builder provides many different designs and provides functional presets to easily “drag and drop” build a website. Some of the presets include pages, design templates, page sets, and functional modules. The blogs and image galleries are included in the functional modules.

The site builder tools uses BaseKit because it an easy to use tool that provides an easy way for their clients to build websites. BaseKit allows the user to use multiple languages. In addition BaseKit allows for adding and editing HTML and CSS coding. PSD designs are able to be imported into the program to allow for even more customization to a website. The easy to use styling tools allow even the most inexperienced person to move quickly through the required steps to build a constructive and interesting website that is an asset to their company.

All hosting plans include the addition of free shopping carts, portals, blogs, forums, password protected directories, custom error pages, blogs, hotlink protection, redirect URL, IP deny manager, and web based file managers. These additions provide additional options to add to your website and fulfill your website needs based on the type of business you are.

The three levels of web hosting are hatchling, baby and business. Each plan offers SSL certification. The baby plan also includes unlimited domains. The business plan provides unlimited domains, a toll free number and private SSL certification and IP address.

To help save money on the web hosting plans, HostGator coupon codes are available. The codes are available on many websites across the Internet. Some of the hosting coupon codes provide a discount at $9.95. For the hatchling or baby hosting plans, this means you could have the first month of web hosting service at these two levels for one penny. Other coupons provide up to 25% off. In some cases this could be up to a $599.70 savings depending on the plan and billing cycle.

There is other percentage off coupons available. The percentage off coupons means the number received when multiplying the package by the percentage discount is the discount on the package price. Dollar off coupons hold a monetary value and regardless of the price of the plan you receive that amount off the package price. For example, a $10 off coupon would result in a $24.95 plan to be reduced to $14.95.

Hostgator coupon codes are provided to every user and new client to help reduce the cost of running their website and hosting costs. HostGator makes having a website easier by providing services to clients at an inexpensive rate to begin with, but then add an additional coupon code discount to the packages. This helps the client keep their costs down and remain satisfied with the services and products of HostGator.

The coupon codes are provided as a retention strategy. By providing coupon codes to clients, HostGator knows they are more likely to retain current clients and attract new ones. With the economy today it is good to know that a company understands the tough times your small business is going through. For a web hosting company to remain competitive, the company needs to understand and know their customer’s needs. The coupon codes provide an additional reason for clients to continue using and coming back to HostGator for their entire web hosting needs. It is a known fact that not all companies that provide discounts and coupons can still be successful. Just providing the HostGator coupon does not guarantee HostGator will be a success.

Reseller hosting provides plans to a client to provide web hosting to other clients. This hosting plan issues free client management software. To ease the stress of billing, HostGator also provides billing software for resellers to use. Reseller coupons are also available. A current coupon for this plan includes the $24.95 off coupon reducing the price of any reseller package.

With a reseller hosting plan you can create an unlimited number of websites under your brand name. You can provide scaled pricing or specialized pricing for different companies based on wants and needs. You may provide a variety of services, features and packages.

Another type of hosting plan provided by HostGator is the VPS hosting plans. These plans give the dedicated server functionality but do not require the additional expense. CentOS Linux with full root access, optional cPanel or web hosting manager panels are all provided in the VPS hosting plans.

One of the benefits of having the VPS hosting plan is that it provides a direct connection between dedicated servers and shared servers. VPS hosting plans come in nine levels. Each level provides a different amount of CPU’s, disk space, and bandwidth provided with that package. Since these packages can be customized, the hosting needs of a client may be upgraded at any given time. This reduces the initial expenses for a company pursuing VPS hosting. This means you are only paying for services you need. There is no need to pay for extra download speeds or space that your company does not need. The nine plans include:

  • Level 1 – .56 GHZ CPU, 384 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space, and 250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 2 – .84 GHZ CPU, 573 MB RAM, 22 GB disk space, and 375 GB bandwidth
  • Level 3 – 1.13 GHZ CPU, 768 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space, and 500 GB bandwidth
  • Level 4 – 1.98 GHZ CPU, 1344 MB RAM, 59 GB disk space, and 1050 GB bandwidth
  • Level 5 – 2.68 GHZ CPU, 1824 MB RAM, 80 GB disk space, and 1425 GB bandwidth
  • Level 6 – 3.39 GHZ CPU, 2304 MB RAM, 102 GB disk space, and 1800 GB bandwidth
  • Level 7 – 4.24 GHZ CPU, 3168 MB RAM, 165 GB disk space, and 2250 GB bandwidth
  • Level 8 – 5.09 GHZ CPU, 3801 MB RAM, 198 GB disk space, and 2700 GB bandwidth
  • Level 9 – 5.94 GHZ CPU, 4435 MB RAM, 231 GB disk space, and 3150 GB bandwidth

Another benefit to having a VPS hosting plan is you do not need to worry about running the server or maintaining the server. HostGator retains all responsibility of making sure your website and server is constantly up and running. HostGator provides weekly automated updates and backups off site to help provide extra security to clients. By having HostGator complete all the maintenance on the server the time and costs associated with running a server are reduced. HostGator also uses data centers that have backup power generators. These generators make it possible for HostGator to have less than 45 minutes of downtime in any given month. This extra measure of functionality will help your business remain running even when other areas of your business may not be running.

Another main service HostGator provides is issuing dedicated servers. The dedicated servers provide a high quality level of power and flexibility. The servers are managed with root access and complete control. There are no resource restrictions. The packages available for the dedicated servers include basic, standard, elite and pro. HostGator provides Linux based dedication servers. More recently HostGator decided to begin offering Windows based dedication servers. This opens HostGator up to another span of clients.

Dedication servers are provided with provisions, secured and delivered in less than 24 hours of buying the server. The dedicated servers from HostGator ensure a high level of security, uptime and speed compared to other hosting companies.

The billing system is a useful tool featured in dedication servers. There is autopilot billing and automatic billing to ease the stress of billing. Another feature of the dedicated server packages include free Enom domain name. This gives the functionality of having a large company website and having web hosting capabilities of your own at the same time.

Each of HostGator’s web hosting plans may have individualized coupons. There may be coupon codes available for just the VPS plans or just the reseller hosting. Currently every plan, no matter the hosting plan, is 20% off for the first month. This provides the opportunity to try HostGator out at a reduced cost. To help ensure your experience is a pleasurable one, there is also a 45 day money back guarantee.

Other available HostGator coupon codes include 25% off on any order. To receive these discounts simply place your order on the HostGator website. Find the coupon code from one of the many websites available issuing the codes. When you complete the checkout process a spot is available to insert the discount coupon code. Enter the code and the discount is automatically calculated at the bottom of the page. This discount is then used to determine the final price of your products and services at the completion of your checkout.

The 99.9% uptime rating of HostGator ensures that every user is efficiently accommodated. Every business, large or small, will be happy with how little time their hosting is down. Besides providing customer satisfaction from little down time, HostGator also recognizes the importance of providing services that are useful and possible for every budget. This is one reason why many of HostGator’s plans provide different billing cycle options. Some plans are available to be billed monthly, semi-monthly, yearly or bi-yearly. The longer the period of billing cycle the less the price of the package over the long term.

HostGator Windows Hosting

Even if you only have a passing acquaintance with the world of computers, you have probably heard of Windows. It is perhaps the most recognizable software name in the world of computer programs and internet applications. Windows is an extremely popular platform on which to build websites because it is so familiar and easily accessible for computer users. HostGator Windows hosting provides users hosting services for their website based in HostGator’s extensive Window’s server and with many attractive features to ensure you have the most professional, user-friendly and effective website possible. With HostGator, hosting your Window’s website is easy, with carefully designed program features that enable you to get your site up and running quickly, utilize if efficiently and choose the specifications you think are important for your individual needs. Making them a responsible choice as well, HostGator strives to make a difference for the environment and balance their carbon emissions with efforts including energy programs and investment plans.

HostGator’s web hosting features include an easy to use control panel, email options with unlimited accounts, unlimited sub-domains associated with your website, Safe Harbor certification to ensure that all transactions using your website are safe, and a guarantee for 99.9% uptime, a truly impressive statement in the world of web hosting. With each plan users also get free website design software and thousands of templates to create the exact website they envision and free transfers of your website, domain and other information to another hosting account within the first 30 days, among other things. Keeping up with the times, and in order to do their part to protect the environment and speak to the carbon footprint effects of their company, HostGator has invested in several “green” measures including purchasing certified Renewable Energy Credits and supporting the wind energy projects in order to offset the emissions caused by their servers.

Due to its popularity, the Windows server on HostGator offers two packages of web hosting based on the specific needs of the user. Both come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth so you won’t have restrictions as to what you can do with your site. The Personal Plan includes a single domain and a shared SSL certificate, making it perfect for individuals or very small businesses. This program starts at less than five dollars with the new discounted rates. For those needing more options, the Enterprise plan includes five domains and a private SSL certificate and IP. This allows improved functioning and accessibility to your website. This program begins at less than fifteen dollars. Both programs offer several billing options ranging from the flexible monthly option up to three full years. The prices of the programs increase accordingly as the length of time decreases, with the most expensive being the monthly option. These plans allow you to adjust HostGator’s offerings to fit your needs according to what you want from your website. HostGator makes it easy to host your own blog site or create profitable ecommerce all with the protection and support of their incomparable customer service network.