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If you are starting a new business venture, looking for ways to increase your customer base or sales, promoting an upcoming event or cause, or just want a way to express yourself, starting a website is a great step toward gaining widespread exposure. In today’s technologically obsessed society, it seems everyone is constantly plugged in to some sort of device, using the internet to search, learn, stay connected, and make decisions. This means having a website will place you in front of a large audience to learn about your services or products, gain awareness about your cause, or donate to your fundraiser. No other media allows for such a wide reach with as little investment and effort on your part. Starting a website, though, comes with many decisions that will prove crucial to your success. One of the first is choosing a web host. Web hosts provide a virtual “home” for your website, help you build and maintain your site, and offer resources if you come upon any difficulties. Because of its highly customizable and detailed resources, HostGator is a great choice for these important web-hosting services. This company offers several plans with user-friendly tools and options that allow for flexible billing and smooth, efficient usage. Popular HostGator discounts offered consistently, starting your site is made even easier and more accessible.

Each of HostGator’s three basic web-hosting plans comes with several useful resources to help get you started and keep you going. The included web building and design software ensures a professional appearance and ease of use for future customers. With the thousands of available templates, even an absolute beginner will be able to create an appealing, effective site with ease and control. Also included in each of the plans is a $100 AdWords credit. This Google program allows web users to advertise sites to specified audiences by positioning advertisements on other sites and search locations that would likely appeal to the types of people you wish to reach. This can make your site even more successful by bringing increased traffic of the exact type that would likely be interested in what you have to offer. Pricing for these plans varies depending on the billing option that would be most appropriate for your situation. The basic web hosting service is categorized into three plans, Hatchling, Baby, and Business. These plans range in price from just under $5 per month to almost $12 per month, depending on the plan and billing options. These prices reflect a recent promotion offering a 20% discount on new orders. You can receive an even greater discount if you are just starting, though. To make themselves even more appealing and affordable, HostGator offers two standard discounts. The first HostGator coupon code discount allows new users to take advantage of one month of the mid-level Baby plan for only a penny. The other coupon code offers 25% off any plan for any length of time. With either of these discounts, you have a great head start in beginning a new website.