HostGator Discounts Make it Easy to Start

If you are starting a small business, attempting to grow your established business, promoting an upcoming event or cause, or just looking for a platform on which to express yourself or a cause, starting a website is a fabulous way to gain instant and widespread exposure. In this day of technology and devices, everybody seems to spend a good portion of their daily lives plugged in to the internet. This means if you have a website you will be placed in front of people that can read your information, find out about your business, attend your event or invest in your cause. No other resource allows the extensive reach of a website with as little investment and effort.

With starting a website comes some important decisions such as which web host will act as your liaison with the internet. Web hosts provide your website with its “home” on the internet, and offer you features and resources to make the very most out of your site. HostGator is a great choice for web hosting services because it is personalized to the particular needs of each specific user and their website and offers a range of packages and billing options to make starting and maintaining your website smooth and simple. With the popular HostGator discounts offered through the company, starting is made that much easier.

With every hosting plan comes standard features to get you started. Free web building and design software ensures that your site will look professional and function to the highest level of performance. The thousands of templates available make it easy to create a site, even for the absolute beginner who has no idea what to do or how to go about designing a site. Also included in all plans is a $100 AdWords credit. AdWords is a Google program that allows you to advertise your site effectively to specified audiences. This will increase traffic to your site and make it even more successful. Pricing for these packages hits a variety of price points depending on the specific plan you choose and the billing option that would be most appropriate for your situation.

The basic web hosting services of HostGator are divided into three plans, Hatchling, Baby and Business. These plans range in price from less than $5 per month to just under $12 per month, depending on the plan and billing options. These prices reflect recent price cuts to make the services even more accessible. If you are just starting, though, you can receive an even more reduced price by utilizing the discounts HostGator offers. Offered as coupon codes that are used during the online checkout process, these discounts come in two forms: a discount on the first month of service or a one-time overall discount. With the first month option, new users can receive one month of the mid-level Baby plan for only a penny. The other discount offers 25% off of any plan. Either of these options is a great way to save money while starting a website.