HostGator Issues Users Occasionally Face

HostGator problems can occur like they would in any other company. Anyone who expects a company to be perfect is not in tune with reality.

The major problems facing HostGator are the policy and decision making issues that a company encounters during the transition period from a medium sized unit to a large corporate entity. This leads to few hurdles in the daily operations.

With this company, there is a tendency to oversell their servers. They tend to put more clients on a server than it can handle realistically.

Some users have complained that they face problems using QuickInstall while installing C5 on a HostGator. When they navigate to the location where they want to install, the browser gives them an error and a message saying, “Server not found.”

Some people are having problems with WordPress automatic thumbnail generation. Often, the WordPress blogs are giving an error. The blog post and subpages have not been accessible. Only the homepage is sometimes accessible and can be viewed normally. It is diagnosed as a server side error.

Many people feel that their Baby package is actually available for $9.95 when it is advertised as $7.95. They did not advertise with clarity and should have mentioned about the package tenure for a minimum of so many months’ payment.

Though many people feel that their customer support is immaculate, there are some who have reported downtime during some months with HostGator. The site, according to some people, would be down for hours even after contacting the customer support cell.

Some people have reported that they had to wait almost for three days to get their refunds. Others have experienced shut down of their site for a script on heir index files draining the servers of HostGator.

HostGator affiliates have also gone on record saying that they would get payments after a considerable delay during some months. They also felt that the conversion rate for poor against the sales made.

Despite a series of several kinds of problems brought out to HostGator, it has been observed that whether it is an individual site or a forum, HostGator has been reasonably prompt in replying and trying to get the problems sorted out.

The most common problem some customers have when they are trying to switch their email host between Google Apps and HostGator is that they have to input the correct mail exchange (MX) records into the HostGator panel to effect the change. Google also has to then verify that the domain belongs to one whose email is being hosted through its servers. Google is doing this by using many verification methods. This requires the customers to make some changes to their HostGator panel like uploading an HTML file to their site through the host. Many times, this causes problems with the entire process and creates inconvenience to the customers. If the process is set up correctly, then all the problems are over. One thing to remember here is that Google has few resources through its support site but unless the customers are using a paid account, there is no call or support center for assistance.