Hostgator Reseller Coupon Codes

Hostgator is well known in the business services industry as being one of the top web hosting companies in the world. In an effort to continue to extend its services to new clients across the globe, the top-10 company offers many promotions throughout the year. When new clients sign up, they get more than a noticeable discount; they also get some of the most reliable and fastest service available today.

Official reseller coupon codes can be found directly on the Hostgator website. Currently, the company has several promotions going on. Why does Hostgator run more than one promotion at once? They understand that all of their clients are individuals, and have different reseller web hosting needs.

Some clients need a simple short-term solution to their hosting needs, while others are in it for the long haul and sign up for three years of service at a time. No matter which level of plan or length of time a client signs up for, Hostgator ensures that they are entitled to savings.

Currently on the Hostgator website, all new clients that sign up for a plan, whether it be reseller, VPS, dedicated, or shared, can save 20 percent on their first month of service. This coupon can be applied to any length of contract. Each person that uses the 20 percent coupon will receive the savings on their first invoice.

That’s a big savings, even for those that opt for one of Hostgator’s basic plans that start at just $3.96 a month. It’s an even bigger savings for those that opt for one of the more expensive plans. Clients purchasing one of Hostgator’s top-level plans can save hundreds of dollars instantly. Activating the coupon is easy and can be done in five simple steps.

After receiving instant savings, the client is on their way to experiencing one of the fastest and most reliable web hosting services available. Hostgator uses the Planet as its datacenter and is currently its largest customer. The Planet provides Hostgator with one of the best, fastest, and most reliable networks in the world. Service remains uninterrupted with maximum uptime.

Hostgator’s datacenters have their own cooling systems. Servers produce a lot of heat, and Hostgator has its own state-of-the-art power, security, and safety systems in place. Hostgator utilizes four of the Planet’s datacenters throughout Texas. Each center ranges from 22,000 to 78,000 square feet of secured space. The Planet has some of the most technologically sound datacenters around.

Each datacenter is equipped with redundant power to ensure all of Hostgator’s client’s domains stay up and running. Hostgator understands that any amount of downtime can cause a business to lose money, and Hostgator works diligently to ensure that doesn’t happen. Each datacenter is fully equipped with fire detection and HVAC systems putting an extra layer of security in place.

The Planet’s Network Operation Centers work alongside Hostgator to monitor the datacenters day and night, all year long. Hostgator’s system administrators identify and act on issues before they have a chance of turning into serious problems that affect their clients. A staff of on-site technicians is positioned at all datacenters to keep the servers running at maximum uptime.