Feel Secure with HostGator Support

The best-designed website in the world isn’t worth very much if you don’t know how to use it or come upon a technical issue that harms its effectiveness. This can make having your site a frustrating and expensive failure. Part of selecting a web host, the company that provides the internet “home” for your website, is ensuring that you have chosen one that will stand by you and not just leave you completely on your own. Making the right decision in this regard can make the difference between the success and mediocrity of your website’s advertisements or ecommerce.

Fortunately, this decision is the one of the easiest you will make when starting a website. With HostGator, you will not only have the best design software and templates, a 99.9% uptime guarantee and several plan options to meet your exact needs, but you will also be backed up an extensive and attentive technical network. HostGator support offers answers to questions, assistance, and technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Depending on the nature of your issue, you can take advantage of the varied and carefully designed formats the support network offers. These levels of support are put in place to make sure your concern is directed at the right people so it can be dealt with in the shortest time possible by the most knowledgeable people. The “Contact Support” system is comprised of phone, email, fax, and online chat options. Phone support and online chat are general options available at all times for any basic questions and issues. HostGator has also designated different email addresses for each of the major issues customers encounter to streamline the system, ensuring that each email is read and answered by a person knowledgeable and skilled in the area that specific email concerns. Two fax numbers have been assigned to deal with issues of billing and abuse. This also allows specific concerns to be directed at the correct department so the issues can be resolved quickly, efficiently and to your utmost satisfaction. The company also lists its mailing address so that any customers wanting to deal with actual paper mail have the option.

Another level of support that is offered is referred to as Knowledge Base. This extensive informational resource allows customers to search for their exact question and provides videos and tutorials with information related to your account. If these tutorials don’t answer your questions, you can utilize the Ticket System. This system allows a user to submit a ticket and then review ticket history. Customers can also take advantage of the Online Hosting Community that is made up of other customers interacting and helping each other. This provides a very honest, unbiased view of the good and bad points of HostGator so users can work out their problems and get advice from those in the know… other users. A HostGator company blog gives customers insight into the business of web hosting as well as a calendar of upcoming events.