Hostgator VPS Coupons

Using a Hostgator VPS coupon code is pretty simple even for those with little experience with using online promotions. These instructions can be used for any of Hostgator’s promotions, not just VPS services.

To begin with, there are two ways for consumers to find VPS coupon codes. The first way to find one of these coupon codes is on the Hostgator website. When selecting the plan of choice, any coupons that are available for that plan will automatically be listed on the page. Secondly, there is a section of the Hostgator website dedicated to ongoing promotions. From there, it is easy to follow the instructions to get instant savings.

The second way to find Hostgator VPS coupon codes is online at various websites. Simply type in VPS coupon codes in any search engine and an index of websites will be listed. Always check the date on the coupon code, or when it was listed to ensure that it is still valid.

Use the mouse to highlight the coupon code, then right click and select copy. Hit the coupon activation button and follow the instructions from there. When instructed to enter the coupon code, right click the mouse again and select paste.

If you’ve written down the coupon code or copied it, and you’re using the Hostgator website, search for the best web hosting solution first. Starting at the top of the website, it is easy to locate a lot of navigation buttons. The buttons are a direct link to Hostgator’s VPS, reseller, shared, and dedicated hosting services.

Click on the desirable web hosting solution to begin the order process. Make note that all Hostgator plans are feasible, meaning upgrading is hassle free and can be done without interruption. Hostgator provides several different levels of plans to meet the needs of individual clients no matter their needs.

Once the desired package has been selected, click the “Order Now” button. The next step requires entering a domain name for registration. This option box is located on the left side of the website. The domain name is the name of the website being registered.

This step can be skipped if the domain has already been registered. For those that already own a domain name, there is an option box to the right of the screen. Enter the current domain name in the box as instructed.

Now it’s time to enter the coupon code. All new clients at Hostgator get a 20 percent discount on their first month of service. This coupon code can be entered now. After pasting or typing in the coupon code, click “Continue to Step 2.” Before going to step 2, enter other coupon codes if necessary.

Step 2 will ask you to select the package type and length of the billing cycle. To save more money, opt for a longer cycle. This step shows how much money can be saved per cycle. Now it’s time to enter all client and billing information, including user name, password, and method of billing. Confirm the discount and agree to the terms and conditions.