HostGator vs. Rackspace: A Brief Review

HostGator vs. Rackspace has been a great topic of discussion, as most people tend to confuse the two. The two are similar in a way as they offer similar services but there is variation in some areas. HostGator concentrates on providing web hosting services to its clients, whereas Rackspace offers web hosting and cloud computing as its services. In addition, they offer internet applications, servers for email purposes and security.

When it comes to choosing which the better of the two is, it’s hard. Firstly, customers have different preferences, and therefore choosing between the two depends on the customer. Rackspace offers technical support to its clients through Fanatic Support, where services are offered 24 hours. The support offers immediate feedback to customers through unlimited phone support, and also access to their database that contains a lot of helpful information.

With HostGator, technical support is offered for their products but support is kind of different in that some of their hosting packages come with better technical support. The support is also offered 24 hours and it is mainly through phone.

The issue is not an easy one as both the companies have something unique to offer to its clients. There are major similarities in what they do. For instance, outsourcing the services of the two; HostGator and Rackspace ensures the customers they do not have to worry about any technical issues as the companies have experts in Information Technology who look after the IT problems. They ensure that they maintain their resources, officiate any implementations and updates and backing up and storing of the clients information.

HostGator offers more packages for hosting when compared to Rackspace and thus is more favorable for many businesses and people wanting to have their websites up and running. Some of the packages offered by HostGator have an in-built billing system and also allow for reseller hosting. This attracts more people as some people would want to generate income by purchasing a package and hosting other websites. With Rackspace, this is not the case and this adds to the debate.

Where Rackspace outdoes Hostigator is the cloud computing services that they offer which HostGator lack. Rackspace cloud hosting differs from Hostigator web hosting in several ways. Cloud hosting is where your information is stored in large data bases that are scattered all over the world. This hosting is quite flexible in that it can easily adjust to the traffic to a given website unlike web hosting where increased traffic can slow down or overwork the server to the point where the website becomes inaccessible.

Rackspace mainly focuses on providing dedicated servers for its clients whereas HostGator provides several server packages for its clients. HostGator have the dedicated, reseller and VPS server packages for its clients. Most start up businesses and bloggers prefer HostGator due to its affordable costs.

The debate of HostGator and Rackspace is an unending issue and there is always something that will come up trying to determine which of the two is better and also how to differentiate the two.