Is There a HostGator Renewal Coupon Code?

Offering comprehensive and user-friendly features and resources for everyone from the novice beginner wanting a simple personal site to the advanced business owner needing a complex and productive ecommerce website, HostGator is a top choice for web hosting services. Finding your website’s “home” on the internet with HostGator helps ensure that your site will be impressively designed and built, with a professional appearance, function, and easy-to-use control panel. The features and highly customizable options offered to all users make HostGator incredibly satisfying to its users. This means that most users, when they reach the end of their prepaid commitments, will want renewal. Though there are no HostGator renewal coupon code offerings, the already amazing prices make renewing their services affordable and accessible. For new users, constant coupons and promotions provide additional discounts to help get them started.

Because of the extensive range of specifications and options offered to ensure each user gets exactly what they need out of the web hosting services, HostGator’s pricing fills a wide range. Users choose the billing option most appropriate to their situation ranging from the very flexible month-to-month option that is perfect for those just experimenting with having a website, or organizations that want to promote an event with a website that only needs to be temporary, to the extended three-year plans for business owners needing permanent web presence. Along with these billing options, users have three core web hosting plans among which to choose. The Hatchling plan is perfect for the simplest of sites, such as family sites, very small businesses, and event advertising. The pricing begins at less than $4 per month using the three-year option, but is also available on a per-month basis for just over $7. The mid-level plan, the Baby plan, works well for moderately sized organizations and businesses. Those choosing the three-year billing option will pay slightly more than $6 per month or just under $8 on a per-month basis. The largest plan, which is intended for large businesses and organizations, is the Business plan. This plan offers the most comprehensive features that will provide a wider reach and more professional, secure, and dedicated website experience. Pricing for the three-year option is slightly more than $10 while the month-by-month option carries a price tag of just under $12.

Though HostGator pricing is already highly competitive, the company offers popular discounts that make their services even more accessible. HostGator has a long-standing tradition of offering new users valuable discounts to give them a leg up. The first constant discount allows users to try the mid-level Baby web-hosting plan for one month for only one cent. These dramatic savings give new account holders the opportunity to access all of the tools and resources the web hosting plans offer, as well as seeing actual results and benefits, for an entire month for only one penny, an easy investment for anyone. If you know you want a longer commitment, or a different plan, the other HostGator discount offers another option as well. This option offers a 20% discount on any web-hosting plan. Incredible savings on already fantastic prices makes HostGator an easy choice for web host, and an even easier choice for renewal.