HostGator VPS Coupon Code Will Save You Money!

Even the most pedestrian of technology-users is aware of the potential power of a website. Having a web presence can dramatically increase your customer base, public awareness of your organization, sales, or investments. With so many people utilizing the internet as its primary source for information and business dealings, having an active, professional website is a critical move in growing your business or helping your nonprofit organization. Starting a website, though, comes with many decisions. One such decision is whether to use shared hosting services or to invest in a dedicated server. If neither is exactly right for you, another option is VPS hosting. VPS hosting with HostGator uses Linux, free and open operating software that allows users to modify and redistribute it however, they wish. It behaves as a bridge between shared hosting and dedicated servers. As your website grows and your needs increase, you have the option of customizing your server and hosting services to meet all of your specific needs. This customization, available to this degree only through VPS hosting, is a terrific way to get started. If you want to start small but know that you will have the need to increase your capabilities quickly and easily, VPS hosting through HostGator is the best option. Offering many levels of service that include various options and specifications, it is easy to find services that will fit your exact needs and ensure your website will function professionally and effectively from the first day.

VPS hosting is offered in nine distinct levels. These levels are divided by the specifications of the accounts, such as CPU, RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Levels 1 and 2 are semi-managed, meaning cPanel and Plesk, a server automation device. Level 1 offers 10GB of disk space, 250 GB of bandwidth, 384 MB of RAM and .56 GHZ of CPU. The price starts at $15.96 monthly. Level 2 increases all specifications and starts at $23.96 per month. Levels 3 through 9 are fully managed, meaning the owner can choose to utilize cPanel or Plesk with their site. Level 3 increases the specifications to 30GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth, 768 MB of RAM and 1.13 GHZ of CPU. The price for this level of VPS hosting starts at $31.96. The levels increase to the most comprehensive and impressive Level 9 which boasts 231GB of disk space, 3150GB of bandwidth, 4435 MB of RAM and 5.94 GHZ of CPU. The prices of these levels of VPS hosting range from $55.96 to $167.96 per month. These prices reflect the current promotion HostGator has in place to reduce the first month of any new user’s services by 20%. These plans vary in price according to the exact options you choose.

To make VPS hosting even more accessible to new users, HostGator VPS coupon code discounts provide reduced pricing to the first invoice of a new account. These coupon codes allow you to save 25% on your new order. Depending on the level of service selected you can save up to $41.99 your first month. This can represent a valuable step in improving the visibility of your business.