HostGator Linux Hosting

The computer age has been greatly impacted by the existence of Linux. Named for the kernel written by Linus Torvalds in 1991, Linux is a prime example of the free and open software model, which is a project that releases its source code, thereby allowing others to freely modify it as they wish. This also allows the modified software to be redistributed, commercially or otherwise. Operating systems based on Linux are widespread from basic home usage to government-controlled supercomputers. This is all very technical and sounds good, but what exactly does it mean and why does it matter when choosing a web host?

Linux offers manipulatable software absolutely free. This is impressive because it allows ingenious people the opportunity to design and develop their own programs based on a solid, proven kernel and release it openly. For someone wanting to create a website, Linux is the most popular platform. This is not only because it is free to use but because its main purpose is to allow open and free alterations that are then released as updates. If you want to start a website, this matters because it gives you an extensive network of resources on which to base your work. It is likely that if you are trying to use the software and get stuck trying to find a specific feature or want to manipulate the program in a certain way, that someone else has already thought of it and has shared his modifications, making them easily accessible and free for you to take advantage of however you wish.

HostGator Linux hosting offers users of Linux convenient hosting for their Linux-based website. This service is offered in four packages divided by amount of space used. These packages are different from those not specifically devoted to Linux users because they are based on offering each user a dedicated server. These dedicated servers increase the professionalism and effectiveness of your website with improved speed, security and management features. As opposed to with a shared server, these programs give you exclusive use and access to your dedicated server which provides more flexibility and resource options. With these servers also comes features that will help you design and maintain the most effective website for your business’s needs including templates, client management software, billing software and a free reseller account.

Pricing on these packages is based on the amount of memory space needed for your website’s needs. The Basic package includes 2GB of DDR3 memory, with the packages increasing by a additional 2GB after until you reach the Pro Dedicated Server package with its 8GB of DDR3 memory. The two middle packages, Standard and Elite, both offer 4GB of DDR3 memory and are differentiated by the amount of memory available on the two hard drives included with each package. The Basic and Standard packages offer 250GB of memory on each of these hard drives, while the Elite and Pro packages offer 500. The first month of service ranges in price from $139 for the Basic program to $299 for the Pro package. Subsequent months incur higher charges, from $174 with Basic to $374 for Pro.