HostGator cPanel is Easy to Use

Starting and maintaining a website is one thing, properly designing and making it exactly as you want it can be another. Fortunately, good web hosting companies such as HostGator offer customers a user-friendly, comprehensive control panel to simplify the process. Control panels, also known as cPanel, originated as a tool for a since-closed web hosting company known as Speed Hosting. It has undergone numerous updates and improvements in the more than a decade since its now-defunct original company released it and is now considered a highly reliable and stable control panel product. cPanel is Linux-based, and provides its functionality through a 3-tier structure. This product allows users such as administrators and website owners to change different aspects of their site. These modifications are administered through a standardized web browser to make it user-friendly with a simple learning curve. One such web hosting company is the reliable and respected HostGator. HostGator cPanel users are provided with unparalleled service at an amazing price. These services enables you to make all of the necessary adjustments to the appearance and functioning of your website so that it looks exactly like you would want it to and have all of the features your customers will need to take advantage of your services or products, or get people involved in your organization or event.

HostGator prides itself in offering the latest, most cutting-edge of cPanel technology to provide the best service to the website customers. With this panel, users have access to the most comprehensive of statistics including Webalizer, a web server analysis program, and Raw Log Manager, a program that gives you direct access to the actual service log, including the traffic log of your website. HostGator users are also able to take advantage of the “Fantastico” family of services. These services include shopping carts, blogs, forums, portals and more. Using these increases the potential for customer satisfaction and ecommerce. To assure the highest level of security for its website owners, HostGator’s cPanel feature offers completely password-protected directories and error pages customized to the user. Other features such as IP denial and URL redirection provide another layer of protection for you and your website.

CPanel is considered the absolute best product of its type in the world of web hosting. If it weren’t, HostGator would not be offering it to its customers. All of the features of the powerful and easy-to-use cPanel come standard with their hosting plans. These plans have three basic divisions: the Hatchling plan, the Baby plan, and the Business plan. All three provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth along with dozens of other features. Email capabilities include unlimited accounts, “SPAM assassin” services, mail forwarding, and the instant creation of mailing lists among others. All of these plans also include a $100 AdWords credit to get you started in spreading the news about your site. With the cPanel features, the traffic that does come to your site will be impressed by its professionalism and ease of use and you will have the opportunity to monitor the traffic patterns and make adjustments accordingly.